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Need 2 new XCRs

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Well, the time has come that I need to get 2 more XCRs, Maybe they can make me a couple youth models???

Mom and babies are all doing well. Babies were a little early (5 weeks) and will be staying in the hospital for a few more days. I was supposed to go out hunting this past weekend for hog with 6.8 but they messed it all up ;)
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Congrats man!

Glad everyone is happy and healthy, that's the #1 priority.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to call my broker and have him re-route the next paycheck or two into diaper stocks >:D


They look like they should be in the market for twin XCR PDWs??? No too big???

Good Job my man and best wishes to the real heroine who did all the hard work!

Be Safe!


Cigars, XCRs and Hi-Powers all around!
Congrats to you both, and to both of the new arrivals. 8)
Which one is going to be the co-pilot? Hmmmm, an Arm of Two ;D ;D ;D
Okay, let the baby wars begin!

Here's my 6 week old grandson. He's smiling because I just told him about my plans to take him camping, fishing, shooting, and hunting.

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From the smile, it also looks like you promissed an XCR :eek: ::) >:D
You better have him shoot that tiger on his right. :)

Cute kids everyone. New NRA members???
That's the first thing to come out of my tax return this year, a life membership to go with mine.
Sigs, is that your first grandson?
Congratulations all.

Here are ours,

This is Morgan, who we adopted lagally on the 26th December 2007. We're jsut waiting for the travel date to go and get her.

Below, in the middle, is Charlotte. This is her egg four days after fertilization.

Below is Charlote's 20 Week scan.

All going well, we're at 27 weeks now, she will make an appearance around April 10.
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Sigs, is that your first grandson?
Yep! All 21 inches and 9 lbs 15 oz of him at birth.
Mickey, they both look great. You will have your hands full with them.

Sig, my 1st son was 21 3/4 and 9lb 1 oz. when he was born. I was of course in Iraq so my wife had her hands full. Lucky for her I am not leaving again for a few months. ;D 8)
Sounds like she did.

Our thoughts will be with you when you deploy again.
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