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I run the Larue LT-104 (SPR/M4) mount on my XCR with a Millet DMS 1-4 scope. I find the height works fine for me with a Magpul CTR stock. Larue makes two higher mounts of the same design (1.5" and 1.93"). You need to be careful with getting a mount that is too low. The LT-104 is the lower of the three and the eye piece on my 1-4 scope would not clear my Midwest Ind. rear BUIS. I had to swap out the standard MWI BUIS for their low profile rear BUIS. This worked well for me, but other scopes with larger eye pieces (S&B for instance) may not.

I have a Millet Zoom Dot (30mm Red Dot) I'm working with now. It came with a very low Millet QD mount that was too low on an XCR (but would be great on a large revolver or shotgun). I just received a set of Larue LT-123 rings for it. The height seems to be just fine for co-witness of my MWI BUIS. I'll use the second ring in the set either for a magnifier or another red dot on a second XCR I plan to buy.

Larue is really a pleasure to work with. I spoke to a salesman and he knew about the XCR and height issues for optics on it. Also, the Larue has very good 30 return policy, but I've yet to use it.
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