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New buyer questions

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I'm dead set on buying an XCR, Ive never bought firearms before and I was wondering how long the average time it takes for a xcr to get built and shipped? I have plenty of time, Im in Iraq right now with a little over a month left. Just trying to make sure that it will be ready by the time I get back. Also is there anyway I can opt not to get a buttstock, Id rather put on a CTR.
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Firstly, welcome to the forum. This is certainly the place to come to learn about OUR rifle, the XCR.

Secondly, to answer your questions:

The time it takes to build you an XCR depends on what configuration of rifle you are wanting, and what rifles Robinson Armament is currently building. They build in batches like heavy barrels , and then light barrels. It will depend on what you want and where they are in the batch cycle.

Yes it is possible to order your rifle without a stock, and you can choose to order it with a fixed M4 style stock adapter, or a folding type M4 stock adapter, both of which can be fitted with the MagPul CTR stock.

If I can assist you further with any questions please ask here, or you can PM or e-mail me at: [email protected]

Be safe!

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Thanks! Ive been wanting this rifle for a while and now that I reenlisted I don't have an excuse not to get it.
What Roy said.

The one I ordered this time is exactly like what you were asking about - it comes with the adapter, but no stock.

I went as far as to order mine without a flash hider, but with a threaded muzzle - so I can put on the flash hider compatible with the Yankee Hill cans.

As Roy said, wait depends on what you want. I'm STILL waiting - and I ordered mine a couple of years ago (in 7.62 Winchester >:D) HA! DOUBLE HA!

Really though, most builds are out moderately quick - a month or two ain't gonna matter anyway, right? I'm betting I've got another one in....... say before Wednesday.
Mine took three months, but I am pretty sure I ordered a light barrel right after they stopped making those for a while. I think that is just about the longest possible wait. If you can find a stocking dealer somewhere that has one in the configuration you want, you will get it much quicker than if you order it straight from the factory like I did.
Thanks guys for the help, I just put in my order and I cant wait til I can stop shooting this m16 and move on to something better.
Just checked the delivery confirmation for the money orders. It said:

Your item arrived at 4:36 AM on February 15, 2008 in SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84116.

I'm betting Ty or Terra send it out today or Monday - and I've got it by the middle of next week.
Hey Slomo, You can order your XCR through Roy, at Aussie Arms, he gives us folks here on the forum a discount. Good man, I have bought from him before. :2cents: He also owns an XCR, so can probably give you good recommendations on goodies to get for it. Good luck in the sandbox. ;D I would be ready to drop my AR in the sand and get something better too. :crossedfingers:
Yeah sorry I already ordered through Robinson. I have a feeling though I may order another sometime in the near future, Ill be coming your way Aussie if thats the case.
No problem,

I "Aim" to please!

Take care!

Funny how those things keep multiplying, eh?

My next one should be in town in a few hours - I'll have to wait until Monday, possibly Tuesday, to pick it up though..... BAH!

And speaking of which, who's going to volunteer to send me a MagPul CTR to try out? I've got a hankering to see if those add-on cheek pieces will get my head high enough.
Slomo, Did you get a 6.5, 6.8 or 7.62x39 ??? Can you tell I am NOT a fan of the 5.56 ?:2cents:
I got the 5.56, I know there arent alot of fans out there but I have a ton of training with it so its more comfortable to me. I was going to get 7.62 but Im gonna wait until they come out with the .308 whisper.
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