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New gas block adjustment

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Does anybody know if the new adjustable gas block is easy to install without dinging the barrel? And what constitutes a "soft vise"?
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This system has five settings which are marked "S, 1, 2, 3, & 4." The marking next to the Gas Valve Detent indicates the gas setting. The setting can be changed by simply depressing the Gas Valve Detent and rotating the valve in either direction. A tip of a cartridge can be used to depress the detent and rotate the Gas Valve.

The purpose of the adjustable gas system is to optimize the rifle for any given ammunition or environmental condition. The setting marked "S" is specifically for use with sound suppressors. Settings 1, 2, 3, & 4 are for use with ammunition of varying pressures. Low pressure ammunition, such as Wolf, may require the Gas Valve to be set on setting 4 to cycle effectively. High pressure ammo may work on settings 1 or 2. For break in, it is suggested that setting 4 be used with higher pressure ammo, such as American Eagle for the first 300 rounds.

This new gas system is standard on all new XCR rifles. The gas valve can easily be removed for cleaning. Older XCR rifles (barrels) can be easily retrofitted to this gas system with a kit for $107.00. (Note: the newer rifles with the new gas system are priced $100.00 higher.)

Here's what's included in the Five-Position, Quick Adjust kit:

1) New Gas Piston head. You'll have to remove the old gas piston head. (It may take a vise and some soft jaws.) And

2) New Gas Block with Five-Setting Valve. Installation requires the removal of the flash hider or muzzle brake. Then the removal of the Old Gas Block and the replacement with the New one. (You may need a vise for this also.)

If you do not feel comfortable making these alterations, you may send your operating rod and barrel to us for modification. We will charge $25.00 plus S&H for performing this work.

Please don't send in your part yet. We've got just enough of these units for current production and should be able to complete all orders shortly.


The Management

Soft vise would mean that you put something on to cover the metal jaws that you have now, like a soft metal, aluminum, wood or a rag so it will not dig into your barrel. Hope this helps.
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So you clamp the barrel in a soft vise and unscrew the flashhider and gas block with a big ViseGrip? Just kidding about the ViseGrip - but what is the procedure?
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