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New Gas block

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I just got back from the range after test firing my new gas block. These things are great. I thought I had read somewhere that they have a more efficient gas seal and I would believe it. With wolf ammo, my old gas system did not like setting 1. With the new gas block I never got off of #1. It ejected brass 10 to 12 feet and always locked back on an empty mag. Recoil was less than my HK 94 clone although muzzle rise was a little more than the 9mm. I would guess that when my PWS brake gets here (Roy?) that will be less as well.

I passed it to a co worker and he thought it was like shooting a .22. He asked where he could get an adjustable gas system for his AR.

Two thumbs up!!
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Glad you like it. I haven' had the chance to shoot it on a rifle that is broken in. I am waiting for a new one for 5.56 but on 6.8 if felt nice. When I spoke to Alex about upgrading he told me that it did have a slightly better seal and offered slightly better performance.
Curses! ;D
Thanks again for the call today.
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