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new paint scheme

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New paint scheme for my XCR. Shown being held by my neighbor who is now a convert. Yes I did post this eleswhere on this forum but the post was hijacked.


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Black and Tan looks amazing...great looking rifle
Ready for the desert... ;D ;D ;D
looks real good he did a nice looking job of it ;D
That looks very nice....

Who did it ? what did it cost ?
yeah, that looks really good.

When I get my Px4, I'm going to get pink grips :) If they have them... ???
I did the painting. I've been building models and dioramas for 30 years so the gun was really easy. Didn't cost much but for the Dura Coat paint. The color is BlackHawk Coyote Brown.

Can't say the scheme was my idea, I saw it on an AR and thought it would look cool on an XCR.
Thats pretty sharp looking. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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