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New Pic W/ M4 socom stock and some other stuff

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This one is not done, but then again are you really ever done putting toys on the XCR.
Hope you enjoy the pics :popcorn:

The bayonet & lug adapter(s) are from DPMS. I got 2, one for the light barrel and the other for the heavy barrel. (762x39) The muzzle brake is the ak74 style from bushmaster.

With this stock you will need to get the thin lock ring(s). At the time of posting I have two on order. You can see the Vltor Stock just has more threading on it.

I have not taken it out yet since I am still waiting on two parts (the new gas block, & thin lock ring) before I tighten everything up.
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How does the stock clear the trigger and controls?

Do you have any closeups of the bayonet lug adapter?

Here you go.

These are pics of the adapter and the differences between the Socom and Vltor stocks.
The socom stock does clear the controls I am going to get some pics of it.
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Here are some picks of the socom stock folded. In both collapsed and extended positions.

The only thing is that when the stock is fully collapsed and folded it will interfear with the mag release button. Otherwise just playing with (unloaded) in the house. I don't notice anything else.
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nice set up, thats a pretty good stock for an A-Team impression :D
Ha Jbpark55, have you noticed any difference in your shot groupings since you put the clamp on your barrel?
I have not taken it out yet. I want to get the new gas block and lock ring on before I tighten it up. But I may go ahead and take it out over Christmas. (not a secular progressive)

And as for the A-Team. I would like to think of myself as Hannibal Smith, but I am more like Murdock.

thanks for the extra photos, they helped muchly.

Very nice setup you have there.
I've always wanted one of the SOCOM stocks. I'll be interested to hear how well it shoulders/feels/shoots. 8)
Even Alex agrees that Socom is pretty neat.
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