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New rifle, new member from Canada

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Hi all, I just received my XCR H-bar and can't wait to shoot it. ;D I also wanted to give a shout out to RobArms Canadian distributor, Wolverine Supplies. :clap: Alex could not have made a better choice for a distributor.

I look forward to reading more about your experiences with the XCR. ;D

I also have a web forum in Canada... www.canadiangunslingers.com feel free to drop by!
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Welcome to the forum. There are some good people here and lots of information about our beloved XCR

Merry Christmas!

Thanks very much! And Merry Christmas to everyone here from the Great White North!

You mean XCR-"L", if you have an "H" I am on my way to Canada. :ninja:
Hi all, I just received my XCR H-bar
Look again he said H-bar as in Heavy barrel.
I would call it a heavy barrel...it is not the pencil barrel. The Canadian market guns are somewhat different to conform to Canadian law. With the 18.6 inch barrel and an overall length of longer than 26.5 inches it falls into the class of non-restricted firearms, which means I can take it anywhere like a hunting rifle. If the barrel was shorter than 18.5 inches or its overall length less than 26.5 inches it would be a restricted firearm and could only be used at an approved shooting range. Our laws are a little silly though...my 20 inch AR's meet all the criteria to be non-restricted, yet they are restricted by name and can only go to the range. :'( Canadians can own SBR's with no hassle whatsoever, but they are range toys only.

My only real disappointments with the rifle as delivered are the lack of a folding stock (even with a folder it would be over 26.5 inches) and the pinned on flash hider.
Years back I used to buy a lot of stuff from Marstar, in Canada. Except for your screwey gun laws I like Canada. I have relatives in Toronto. As you will se with use, the XCR is a better platform than the AR.
Both of our countries have goofy gun laws. Our stupidest law is the mag cap restrictions. At least up here my 14" Remington 870 isn't treated like a machine gun. ;) My Sterling MKIV Police Carbine is no different in the eyes of the law than a handgun.

You folks do have it better though...your firearms ownership is a right...ours is a priveledge. ::)
You mean XCR-"L", if you have an "H" I am on my way to Canada. :ninja:
UH-OH. take Roy the spy with you! :D

Welcome indeed Laniru. We're a good bunch here, save Jack.
:ninja: I'm keeping my eye on you Terra!

Take me to Canada hey??? That will mean I'm even closer to you gus and your open shades! :ninja:
Sorry Roy, they don't have any shades. When I went to pick up my rifle last year I had to call Ty 4 times to get directions and I was only 1/2 mile away the whole time. Talk about a hard place to find...Now if they could just get rid of the smell :p
oh god i know.. it's awful... worst time is the summer, when the cooler sucks it into the 90+ degree warehouse. :-X
Yeah, I came last June...
Welcome Laniru! Good to see another Canadian.
Welcome Laniru! Good to see another Canadian.
Thanks, glad to be here. I think you are actually a member of my forum, yes?

And props to Terra for the fine service and sweet phone voice while dealing with lil' 'ol me. ;D
Laniru, Be nice to Terra she helps all who ask. And sometimes she beats you to it and helps BEFORE you ask. >:D
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