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New upper, no rezeroing

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Been meaning to post this for a while. I got a new upper receiver a while back, after I got the rifle back together it was off to the range to re-zero the BUIS.

I first put 10 un-aimed rounds through it to test, then took aim at paper I put up @ 25 yards; I had put a quarter in the center of the paper to use as my POA. This was the first shot, from a sandbag:

That was easy! New upper, same BUIS, no re-zeroing needed.
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I would say it's zero'ed, can' get much better than that.
I'd say you got that one by the "Horns"...... pun intended. :sniper:
Please clarify, is this a new upper for your XCR or for something else like an AR15? If it is an upper for the XCR, how much did it cost (Terra feel free to answer too)?
Uppers are between $300-$400. Don't know the exact price.
Ya, it's an XCR upper. My old one had some very strange wear inside so RA replaced it on warranty (thanks again Terra!)
That's very encouraging.

If you play golf you should use that quarter as a ball marker... I would ;D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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