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This was the page that got me goign ont he XCR.


I was curious about development of the M16 and the AR15, and as I followed it though there was a reference to the SCAR-L (booo) and the XCR. SCAR-L (more boos) was not aviable, not to mention I thought it was plain ugly (and comments about getting parts from FNL makes it a zero in my opinion)

I really liked what I saw and the approach taken with it. Having shot a friends AK-47, I had been impressed (stunned) with the simplicity and ease of strip down. You can read all you want, but seeing the AK47 made it real as to why it was the choice of the insurgent movements. XCR had that in spades and the modern rail sytem, not as an add on, but built on.

Looking at it, it seemed strange that you would make a gun without built in rails, then add them on, when the application almost certainly was going to need rails anyway.
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