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Looking at it, it seemed strange that you would make a gun without built in rails, then add them on, when the application almost certainly was going to need rails anyway.
The Scars upper reciever is extruded (please see examples below). It can't be extruded with the rails on it. I can't think of a cheaper manufacturing process than extruding. Squirt aluminum through a die and cut to length (slight simplification). Then, the machining is simplified to only drilling and tapping, bolting on the rails, and cutting ejection port and lightening holes. This cuts out a ton of CNC machining time. Unfortunately, the hardest types of aluminum are not compatible with the extruding process. Some of the drilled and tapped holes I mentioned earlier are to secure a metal u-brace because the extrusion isn't stiff enough.

This manufacturing process is brilliant as far as cutting costs for the manufacturer. In my opinion, this gun should only cost $800 or $900.

No, I've never shot the Scar, just read everything I could find for the past few years. I think the XCR has it beat. Give FN the contract, but have them build XCRs on license. :)


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