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New Year's Resolutions

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I'm trying something different this year for my New Year's Resolutions. Usually I go with something traditional and sure to fail, like getting down to 195lbs. This year I'm going with something slightly more realistic. Here's my top ten list.

1. Get down to 195 lbs (hey, this one has to be in the list, it's traditional)
2. Get the 7.62x39 conversion kit (order in)
3. Always have at least 1000 rounds of 5.56 and 7.62 ammo on hand (have just ordered 1K of each)
4. Establish a trust (done) and get my first silencer (looking at a SWC Omega which will fit the XCR 7.62, FAL, and Weatherby)
5. Shoot in at least a half dozen IDPA contests (hard to do with my travel schedule)
6. Start shooting in IPSC
7. Get in shape before going Elk hunting this year
8. Finish all three Rosetta Stone Spanish disks and speak it a lot (at fast food restaurants, hotels, etc.)
9. Take a week-long vacation somewhere outside the US
10. Get more regular with a Yoga program (tied to #1 and #7)

So let's hear yours.

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Take a week cruise to Mexico, this will give you plenty of opportunity to practice the Spanish. This will also screw up any attempt to ldrop the weight, but what the hell........ you can postpone that til '09. >:D >:D >:D P.S. I have made the 5 day Carnival cruise 3 times now and it is the best money I have ever spent.
My resolution is to spend less money on gun stuff. :-[
1 Graduate
2 Join Military
3 Not die all year...
Good goals Ranly. As a retired Military, I especially like the third one.
Weight..I guess that is always up there on the list...

1. Get these twin boys my wife is expecting (need to buy each of them XCRs, don't think that will fly as my first 2 kids don't have an XCR yet)
2. Go to and return from Iraq safely (3rd time is a charm right)
3. Save enough money in Iraq to take wife on 10 yr anniversary trip to Italy next summer
4. Stockpile as much powder, primers, bullets and lead as I can.
5. Keep my wife happy.

I am sure there are many more, those are the ones I can think of right now.
Mine is to start working out again.

I was at 180+ lbs, weighed two days ago and now 173.

Goal is 165 and buff.

Bought all the equipment, Body Solid 1550LPS a few years back and a treadmill. My wife and son use them. I used to use the 1550LPS gym until I got lazy a few years ago.

Now, it's time to start again.


Now for the selfish stuff:

1.) Get either the XCR 7.62x39 full rifle or a conversion kit.
2.) Get the GSG-5 .22LR rifle
3.) Who knows, anything goes.
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1> Keep at least 5,000 rounds of each caliber handy and another 2k in parts, just in case.
2> Get another semi-auto, either XCM-M or MASADA, or possibly just get a new upper for my FAL
3> Get the Lee-Enfield original sniper scope I keep promising I'm going to get
4> Dig up a PX4 sub-compact for shits and giggles
5> Quit spending money on guns and start spending it on my two kids when they arrive.
Mickey, you have twins on the way???

We went for #3 and my wife is due in 2 weeks with twin boys. I keep telling her that I need to buy 2 more Nighthawk Custom 1911's so that I have one to leave to each kid. It is hard to swing 6K on 2 pistols when I already spent that this past summer on 2 1911s, hence the europe trip next year.
1. Get all Mikey's debts paid off so we can start a family
2. Buy an iguana
Goal is 165 and buff.
Wow! That's my wifes goal for me. ;)

Guns, we need more guns. 8)

Mine for 2008: XCR folder in 7.62x39 and an XD-9 Tactical OD
1. Hope the democraps / anti-gunners don't get into the White House and ruin all of our good times
Forget the buff part, I'll settle for geting down to 195. At 60 years young with two bad knees thanks to gymnastics/military and a bad elbow thanks to a motorcycle accident my running, bicycling, and heavy weight lifting days are over. :-[

Oh for the good old days; doing 5 miles in 26 minutes in fatigues and boots at Benning, running the Bay-to-Breakers both ways, finishing a Century and the MS150. :treadmill:

But with plenty of glucosamine, some Yoga, some resistance training, and a lot of walking I still hope to chase the Elk all over Colorado for at least another 25 years or so, and still be shooting competitively and for fun.

Aziator and MickeyC enjoy your families. My daughter finally gave us a grandson for Christmas and I'm counting the days till I can take him camping, hunting, and fishing.
Aziator, kind of.

We've been trying for ten years and now, as a result of IVF, my wife is pregnant AND we have a little girl from Taiwan that we are adopting. The legal stuff went throught on the 26th so she is ours. We just need a travel date so I can go and get her. Our other baby is due in April. By the time Charlotte is born Morgan will be nine months old so they should be able to have fun together. Hopefully we'll get a boy next year to complete the family, but we'll adopt him as the pregnancy has been really hard. At six months my wife was still loosing weight.

Already looking at .22s for them to start shooting with.

Good luck with the new arrival mate, there's nothign like kids to change your priorities, but i'd agree on the extra customs. It'll stop them fighing over your grave!!

I have been detecting an accent in your typing, where ya from orginally?
I am going with the UK, but only because I had 2 UK Instructors at my last course. We had an aussie too, one crazy bloke.

Mickey, congrats on your family. Kids have been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Here is a pic of my son, he is 2 and dying to start shooting. He loves to sit behind my Rem 700 and the XCR.

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Yes, good luck with the family, and aziator, that's one good looking boy you have there. :tiphat:

You will need a cricket or something for him soon!
I have a Marlin single shot Youth gun just waiting for him...
Ha! - those pics makes me think of A Christmas Carol and "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"
Hey, I started my son out at 4 years old shooting .22LR handgun and rifle.

The rifle was a Marlin 15Y something model, single shot. The pistol was a Ruger 22/45.

Gave the rifle to my cousin for his little girls as my son outgrew is long ago.

Now, my son is proficient in several types of handguns and rifles.

Has his own 9mm carbine and AR-15 carbine.

It's nice to have someone to shoot with.
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