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Night Sights for your XCR?

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Has anyone fitted night sights to their BUIS on their XCR?

What sights did you use, and what brand BUIS system do you have?
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The MidWest Ind BUIS use the standard AR15 sight inserts while the Try BUIS use the AK standard sight inserts. Has anyone changed these sights yet?
shoot, i'm still waiting to get my rear troy sight. all i have is the front sight. :mad:
I have a set of Troy sights! Want them??? :D hehehehehe
My night sight on the XCR is my ACOG!

oh ya? well my nightsight is my aimpoint :p
Yeah, well mine doesn't need batteries!!!! :-*
Yeah, well mine doesn't need batteries!!!! :-*
tritium wears out eventually, batteries are only a convenience store away ;D
Well at my age, the Tritium half life is greater than mine. :'(

Actually, I'm thinking of leaving the ACOG on my FAL and getting one of the Red Dots for the XCR just to have something different - besides then I could swap the ACOG and red dots back and forth. Not sure which way I'm leaning yet, since I haven't actually handled a rifle with any of the red dots yet.
I think the Eotech sets up real nice on the XCR..

I just ordered a New Heavy barrel XCR with the folder so I may put an Acog on it.

My Pencil barrel guns going to keep the Eotech 512. ;D

Damn... I need to drop a few Lbs.. :treadmill:
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I'll second the EOTech 512. 8)
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