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No Joy Yet, But There's a Glimmer of Hope!

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History-My XCR won't cycle properly. Shoots and ejects just fine, chambers the next round, but followup shots won't go bang. We thought it might be a bolt or gas problem. Terra blessed the bolt and proclaimed the upper ready to go. Still no joy.

Today on the Range-Same problem. Ho hum. But wait! After the first shot if I pulled the assist handle back an inch, then forward, it would go bang again! Every time!

Back Home-Started playing with the lower. Lo(wer) and behold! The hammer and trigger are having a disagreement! With my finger off the trigger, if I cock the hammer everything functions fine. With my finger on the trigger, the hammer jams under the hook at the top of the trigger mechanism, and won't drop until I push down on the hammer, or pull the trigger forward. It's like the trigger return spring is too weak, or the hammer's angle is wrong.

This is what's been happening the whole time! As my finger is always on the trigger when the bolt comes back in recoil, the hammer gets jammed under that hook. No followup shot until the hammer is freed.

What do I need? A spring? A file? Faster horses, younger women, more money? Help!
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Touch up the hammer sear surfaces with a file. See if that fixes it.
Or just send the lower to Springfield for the $50 trigger job. You will probably want to do that anyway.
Well, the problem is his trigger either didn't wear in all the way or was worn a burr onto itself. That can happen. Try the file and see if it fixes it.
The bump on the hammer that engages the disconnect is hitting the disconnect.You need to remove some material from the under side of that bump.
Ok I feel like an idiot.What you were describing Charliea is also a failure to reset.After rereading your post I realized I had some kind of temporary mental blockage.What you need to do is round the top edge of that bump more.The trigger and the hook on the disconnector are hanging up and the hook isn't letting go.Smooth those surfaces at their contact points a little.Use a fine file,don't get too greedy,but just smooth them up.Finish up with some fine sandpaper(400 grit) and if you want a cloth buffing wheel on a dremal and some polishing paste(Flitz etc.)


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I had this happen to me around the 150 round mark, I was stumped :duh:. Then I don't know why but I pulled the trigger foward... felt a somthing "click"(probably a burr) and It's shot fine ever since.
Hey. So that's what those parts are called! I will file, stone and smooth. Don't want the trigger job because I figure the updated trigger will be here soon. When I'm through filing, it probably better be real soon!
Bad_Karma I think what you experienced was a failure of the trigger to reset.Sometimes they are a little "stiff" where the disconnect releases the hammer and need a little T.L.C.
Charliea read my other post again,I had a brainfart.
I dont want to seem like an ass or anything, but whenever I had an issue with the gun, the WHOLE gun went back to Robinson.

The gun works as a system and I'm not smart enough to be able to figure all the idiosyncracies of the thing so I let the wizards at robarm figure it out. If it goes back, it goes back as a whole not some random part or an upper, it's a complete package. :-\
If your trigger does not reset, then push the trigger forward by pushing on the back of the trigger. This will keep you going at the range until you can file the part(s).
Happily, that was an easy fix. I rounded the corner on that shelf, then polished with a stone. I believe the rifle is finally 100%. It was a temptation to keep on grinding. You know how it is with boys and their toys.
I'm glad you resisted the temptation,removing more than you need to does nothing for trigger feel,and you risk damaging the disconnector/hammer relationship.Good to hear you got it working,gives you a sense of accomplishment as well.
Grind too much and you might have some double and triple fires. :p
Grind too much and you might have some double and triple fires. :p
Mental note to self - "Keep grinding" ::)
Carefull talk of full auto conversion and the "brown shirts " will be coming to take you away!! ;D
Hmmm... one might wonder if the XCR is capable of accepting something lilke the Lightning Link? ::)

That is - presuming you have a REGISTERED Lightning Link... ;D
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