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No longer present on ARF.com?

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Did Robarm pull out of AR15.com? You guys are no longer in the Industry Forum, and I don't see XCR ads anymore.

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Terra will probably chime in, but I think the plan is to spend the marketing $ elsewhere.

I can't say I blame them. RA was getting slammed by a few people with BS personal attacks and the mods (in my opinion) did little to control it. Meanwhile, say something bad about the potential future felons at Cavalry and you'd see your account locked in two seconds.

Edited to add: I don't want my comments to imply anything about the Cav situation. I'm only pointing out the two companies are treated very differently by the mods. Thanks for the input bolster.
I believe the Cav Arms guys are not guilty (until proven so). All firearms enthusiasts are potential future felons in the ATF's eyes. They just need a reason, legit or not. I have worked at an FFL and seen all kinds of stupid crap called "violations" by one examiner and "not a problem" by another.

Back to the original topic....I think it might be a good idea for the time being to stay out of ARF.com, but the community there does have a lot of good contributors and the XCR is liked there among those in the know. It would be good to see Robarm back at some point, RomneyGate notwithstanding. ;)

Until then, I'm going to make sure I spend more time here. ;D
AR15 is a very hostile environment. I wasn't safe posting things in our own industry section. There are many more boards and websites out there that still have common decency intact.

We're not hard to find. Any potential XCR owners are welcome to come here or email me. :)
I don't think Arfcom is/was any more hostile than any other place. Just a lot more people and exposure there. Hostile people are everywehere, and personal attacks even occur on there :D
Not to bash on AR15.com but I think it was a good decision on RA's part, AR15.com guy are so branded to one platform type. I can not wait until the ACR comes out and has it's own teething issues and how quickly they will change their tone about it, not to mention the all holly SCAR.
0000011061 said:
I greatly appreciate those who run this site and want to say again that I have nothing against the owners and administrators of ar15.com. They provide an interesting but very biased forum.

Just me. Thanks!

I think you will throughly enjoy the movie "The Fountainhead" (or the book for that matter). If you haven't seen it I really recommend it, much of your sentiment regarding people copying each other and ridiculing truely unique and creative ideas is portrayed in that movie.

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Kolob is freaking hilarious, I love his rifle and straight forwardness to say the least, I think he is just trying to make Terra's job more interesting...
Kolob, you forgot to use spell check. Last time I checked it was spelled Magpul and Masada. I can understand your upset but your more professional than that. Other wise I totally agree with you.
I can appreciate the sentiment but be careful in your criticisms.

The XCR is a great rifle platform and apart from the trigger a great design. (Soon to be resolved) but be careful when opening a criticism.

We were it would be last year for the 308 version, now it's late this year or even next. The trigger issue has taken an age to resolve, and yet you deny it's an issue. I tried the knuckle and pad usage and sorry maybe mine is just a really bad iteration but it's still shite. Todd Jarrett teaches to use the pad for more control, but I guess he is wrong and will never win anything.

The XCR is hardly a clean sheet design. Yes, there are a few unique features but essentially you have taken ideas from other weapons and improved them and bolted them together. It's a good idea to take the best from various rifles and combine them into a single improved solution. Don't criticise others who have done pretty much what you have. There is nothing worse than a hypocrite. Kalashnikov, FN (FAL) and Stoner could say similar things about you, and they would be just as right.

Yes the cruel treatment started very soon, but some of us bought early XCR rifles on faith. you should have knocked those assholes back with quality and timely delivery of updates and parts. Yes, accept that you used the best features of other rifles and tout it as a strong point. You have managed to incorporate them into a single platform, that a frickin achievement. I got royally fucked for supporting the XCR, so what. At my range they took the piss when I pulled it out, but at the end of a day of shooting plates all day long with no cleaning and no failures, they all shut up and took note. they pointed out that the bolt comming loose from the op-rod was dumb, until I pointed out that there is no pin to loose or fumble with in the dark. :duh:

Just think an AK bolt and carrier with long stroke for reliability, a FAL adjustable gas system, and AR style split lower to accept STANAG magazines and yet still have a folding stock. Brilliant. Add improved controls and you have a great platform. Your only fuck up was thinking you could do a better trigger, and yes the design was good, but the execution was poor. As I have said before, I have spare parts that are made so badly they don't even fit together. Especially when triggers are probably the most common complaint on a rifle. A stock AR solution would have been a much better option, opening you up to a myriad of aftermarket options. Ah well hindsight is 20:20.

That's three rifles you have essentially taken design ideas from. Again be careful who you criticise. If you feel threatened by them you should be. You were the one who upped the game with the XCR, now you have to compete on quality and by delivering your promises. That is how you can differentiate. the best lesson I ever learned was to accept when I fucked up, fix it quickly and learn from it then move on.

I'm so pissed off with the trigger bullshit and the 308 delays that I've bought a POF upper for competitions. that's three caliber conversions you could have sold me! I will probably buy their 308 as the XCR 308 appears to be vapour, delay after delay and no preproduction images. Focus on your design and manufacturing and the product will answer your critics.

I think I've lost my faith, try to not to make others loose theirs, it will cost you if they do. Trust is like reputation, it's twice as hard to rebuild.
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I agree that it is hypocritical to trash others and to be offended when they trash you.
I really do not remember any official release date for the .308 every being set. All I remember is Robarm saying their a small company and that it will be ready when its ready. The main reason their making all these nifty little updates to the XCR-L is because we are telling them what should be optimized, they're small with a lot on their table, he hasn't said and not done anything about the XCR yet... but yea the name calling is kinda peti.
Alex and MickeyC are venting to a friendly audience. :toast: That is much different than being trashed by the narrow minded.

Personally, I see the XCR as what the M4 is trying to become.

As for Alex's keyboard problems; it has been covered before.
You all should know that I decided to quit. I wasn't ejected from AR15.com. Actually, I was pretty ambivalent. I removed my sarcastic post because it bothered Terra and I didn't want the proprietor's of this site to get any heat. The fact is that the truth is pretty painful for many.


Actually the closest thing we copied was the FAL charging handle. XCR is based only roughly on the AK, the parts are completely different though the theory is the same. That cannot be said for the XM8, SCAR, and others. Their mechanisms are almost direct copies. Our bolt, op rod system and barrel system are very unique. If we could have copied the AK, FAL, more closely, the job would have been much easier.

This will be my last post on this subject.

I want to echo the words of other here: You can't be offended by people's criticism of you and then dish out trash too. Much of the debacle on ARF.com came from things you said, good or bad. I don't want to rehash it all, and I'm sure nobody else does either, but the way you present yourself and represent your company can have serious repercussions. Anyone can come here and see what's been posted. I don't see any good coming out of dogging Magpul, Magpul's rifle, or anyone else, when you haven't been anyone's favorite as of late. It will only serve to divide the community more. The name-calling is one of the reasons you guys pulled out from AR15.com, yet you come here and do the same thing. ???

The XCR is a great rifle. That's for sure. Why not focus purely on that, and stay away from unprofessional statements? :-X

eta: I've talked to you several times on the phone and you've been very professional, forthcoming with information, and even spent like 45 minutes with me once to discuss various XCR stuff. To be able to talk to the designer is great, and all the more when he will take time out of his schedule to shoot the breeze. This is service I didn't expect, and your persona on the phone seems so much different, which is why I'm so bewildered.
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Its an official joke...
ARFKKOM is a lost cause. 

Overburdened with tactical mall ninjas that half probably don't even own an AR.  That is evident by the never ending "What should I get? The Magpul MIAD in FDE or the Tango Down in coyote?" type of threads. 

Add that to the high school mentality with the never ending threads of insults, internet spats, petty bickering, whinning, and post count whores with "tag, +1, IBTL" stupidity.  Everytime I see 'tag' I feel like they are playing tag.  And what the hell tag means on a forum anyways? 

Then there are those who think number of post counts somehow equal real life experience and use it like some sort of rank system and try to belittle the lower posters.  Ahhh!  Stupidity never ceases to amaze me!  Seeing a guy with 700 posts in the 1st month he joined calling what seemed to be a smart guy with 20 posts over a 2 year period.  I also got that treatment at Sigforum too, from a PD sergeant!  Or so he claimed.  Of course I did tear in to him and asked him how is it that he has so much time to surf the forums unless he does it from his desk at work.  ;D  What idiots  ::)

And the biggest; The EdAvilaSr forum boss and his mafia thug stooges.

"If's you'se don't agrees wit da boss, we'se gonna lock's you'se account's tuff guy.  Ain't that's right Ed's"

My account got locked with less than 10 post because I called the BS there as it was and stood my ground on the correct belief and backed up a friend.  Being from AZ is an automatic strike one against me anyways.

But they do have alot of posings there, too many.  About 5% are worth reading and have good info.  I even tried to get back on because I won't do the "troll" account thing. 

But I just might because I like pissing da boys off over there.  But it's a waste of time and they have too many anti-cop/cop haters.

I believe that is why M4carbine.net and 10-8 Forum came about thanks to ARFKKOM never ending BS.
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Agreed, the charging handle was the closest copy, thought you'fd have done better to use the folding handle off the L1A1. But it wasn't the only thing.

An AK oprod has a piston at one end with a recoil sping at the rear and an underslung bolt carrier holding a rotating bolt. The rear portion of the recoil spring is also used to retain the rod in place and lock down the upper reciever cover.

The XCR oprod has a piston at one end with a recoil spring at the rear and an underslung bolt carrier holding a rotating bolt. The rear portion of the recoil spring is also used to retain the rod in place and lock down the upper reciever.

But it's not a copy! Well I'm glad we cleared that up. Perhaps I'm getting confused between greatly influenced to the point of similarity and a copy. There is no shame in either unless you try to caim it a unique, then you just appear a fool. oops too late..

The rifle remains good and a platform with significant potential, but the opportinuty is being wasted with these ridiculous rants.

I have to go now, I'm in Taiwan collecting my adopted daughter and she doesn't need these shitty vibes.
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Your adopted daughter in Taiwan suffers from shitty internet vibes? :eek:
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