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Now the wait for the .308 XCR-M begins ...

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This was posted by Kolob/Alex yesterday: Note the last statement at the bottom.

I want to be the first to offer my services on testing, feedback, etc. on the XCR-M model. I've been stockpiling .308 for a year now for my DPMS LR-308's and the upcoming XCR-M.

I'm READY!!!


Thanks for your support. Here's a roadmap of what we have coming.

1) 6.8 Rifles and Kits will begin shipping the week of Nov 12.
2) 6.5 are testing well and we're putting them into production immediately in an 18.6" length, 1/9 twist, chrome-lined. Initial shipments could be as early as the end of December.
3) We're waiting on C-Products for the 7.62x39mm mag which is supposed to be done next month for the 7.62x39mm.
4) We also are shooting a .300-221 today. It uses your standard AR-15 mags and the 5.56 bolt. These barrels could be available shortly if the demand is sufficient.
5) We redesigned the fire control (trigger group) components but have not built a set or tested them yet. It's a while off but all data suggests that it would be a much better system for target shooting - a much lighter pull and a short reset. We'll build a few and get some tested by you experts before beginning production.
6) XCR-PDW We should be able to offer a shortened version with a shortened upper and 10" barrels at some point soon.
7) The Ultimate stock. We're still working but making progress on a folding adjustable stock.

Most of the items 1-7 are done or nearly done, so we're starting the XCR-M .308. Which will be our focus for a while.

Alex J. Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.
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The more I handle my XCR the more I think about a 308 version. :crossedfingers:

While I think my FAL's are the most ergonomic 308 rifle available currently the ideal of a 308 XCR really has me wanting one now. :toast:
Yes this will be on my priority list too. I believe it has the potential to be a outstanding .308 weapon system and it's certainly on my wish list!

I can see a SBR with a 11" barrel, and maybe a 20" or 22" long range upper all set up with a quality highpower scope.

Yes I can see it now :sniper: :hopmad:
I might consider the "M" in .260 cal. Shot my friends AR in .260 and like the hell out of it. It's like shooting a 6.5x55 Swed in an AR platform. Those long thin bullets do some wonderous things.... :2cents:
I don't see why Alex would not be able to make a 260 caliber conversion once the 308 version is out.
seriously, when does the .308 version come out! I want my .308 XCR before President Hillary takes all the good guns away and the economy collapses!!!
The 260 is the same magazine, same shell necked down to 260, I can't see why this wouldn't be an option either. Nice option too!
Speaking of the .308/.260 "M" version, another good choice of magazine for it would be the HK-91/G-3 Mags. Well made and cheap!!!! >:D
I've already purchased ammo. This is going to be my first .308 rifle. Can't wait!
I already have a safe full of .308s...... I will probably hold out for the .260. Then I will have a good mix of 6.5s on hand. 8) ::) :eek:
I have to admit, even though I am a FAL guy I would love to see a
Give me FAL reliability with better accuracy, built in rails, and good ergos for 1,500 and I'll be all over it.
How far out is the XCR-M?

Is it going to be available before Osama/McKlinton take over?

Will we (forum members) be given the opportunity to pre-order??
I was told that once they actually start production on the M it will be out fairly quickly. Most of the parts are going to be the same, at least that i what I believe. As soon as they get done with all the caliber conversions and building the new stock i would expect to see an M, at least within 6-8 months afterwards. There should be no worries of getting on before another AWB.
I believe the M is coming out before the PDW.

Trouble is, I keep finding other things to spend money on while waiting.

I'd advise RA to make a strong push to get things out before people start getting their welfare checks in May. What's more american than spending $ on American built guns?
Alex actually said they were closer on the PDW, only because it required shortening a few parts and testing. I think they need to take their time on it and make it a true PDW. I think we will see the stock by April or May and the M by Christmas time. Of course, if I was good at speculating I would be in another buisness.
I'd be VERY pleased to see the M around Christmas time....damn I'm looking forward to this one!
Now it begins? I've been checking robarm.com (and the XCR page on the old robarm.com) daily for 2-3 years waiting for news on the XCR-M. I'm ready, too. I've been ready!

The XCR-L was never very interesting to me (caliber selection-wise). But now, of all things, I'm starting to think that the 6.5 might be the best buy, especially with the 7.62x39 being an easy conversion.

What do we think the XCR-M will offer that other .308 makers aren't offering? What will the barrel swap allow us to change to that's extra special or that isn't a bit redundant? The 6.5 options with similar case lengths are interesting, but they fill a similar role to that of the .308.

The XCR-M may suffer slightly simply because the .308 actions haven't seen the bloom of interesting cartridges that we've had in the last few years for the STANAG envelope. I'm not at all implying that it won't be a stellar gun. It may very well be the best .308 autoloader out there. But as far as barrel swapping goes, I think it may be more of a niche gun, at least for a while.
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To me it would offer the same allure as the 5.56 version: If released now, it would be the only SCAR spec .308 rifle in the world.
Man I have been waiting along time for this rifle. I really want one so I can hunt with a "black" Military rifle. As I live in Canada and you can't use an AR-10 or any variant to hunt with. I also have been waiting for my 5.56x45 XCR and should have it by mid may. Such great items take so much longer to acquire in Canada.
I've been interested in the XCR-M for a few years also. In fact since early 05 when I got my XCR-L and had a conversation with Alex about the 6.5 and an adjustable gas system. The problem is that it is taking so long that the SCAR is likely to be out by then, and if it is, the SCAR gets the cash. It's FN and made over here, what could possibly be better?

RobArm is great but updates take forever. I agree with va-plinker, Alex needs to do a big push to get some of their new updates/products out before the faithful become the faithless. I've spoken to a few people who bought the M96 rifles and some like it but hate RobArm for supposed broken promises. I'm hoping that it won't happen again.

Terra, you do a great job and are probably the most important asset at RobArm.
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