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One of the Best Blokes i know

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Just wanted to say thanks to Roy at Aussie Arms for the outstanding customer service and great prices. I ordered 4 Lower Parts kits and 2 Pentagon lights and got them in no time flat. I asked him about the PWC brake for my 6.8 and he sent me one in the box before I even had time to pay him. Now I am waiting on the other 3 PWC brakes and some Ergo grips I ordered.

To be honest I initially was checking prices at other retailers, just to see how the prices were comparing. I quit doing that as Roy was consistently cheaper. Here are a few pics from today. I will get a better pic of the light setup once I get the barrel cut and the PWC brake on there.

Can anyone tell me how to explain to a 2yr old that 123 batteries aren't cheap and he can't play with the light all night???

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something about the xcr just puts smiles on peoples' faces ;D

how much does the pentagon light+arms+tape switch setup run aussie?
aziator I gotta ask, whats with the huge mess in the room on the left?

I suggest putting junior to work cleaning it up in return for some time at the range with the xcr ;)
lol, the boogeyman would have to be crazy to attack his fort while he has that kind of firepower :p
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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