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Opinions on the Arsenal SA M7

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or SAM-7 I dont know ---its not the CLASSIC (with blond furniture)

this particular one I am looking at has the milled receiver, the AK-74 type muzzle brake, and black plastic furniture, and NO side mounted scope rail.
I beleive the buttstock is the NATO type (Ithink)(1.25" longer) I want to change that out to a standard type length.Anyone know where I can find one that will latch the furniture on thjis rifle?

Are these the (no ban) type Arsenal rifles or what would this rifle be? ANYONE?

Anyway, is this a good quality AK or not?
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very nice rifle.

i have the predecessor to the SAM-7, a SLR-101S. Milled Receivers are very pretty and this rifle is tops.
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