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Here's my take on barrel lengths.

The current XCR Upper receiver is set up for barrels from 12" to 18.6" long. The current upper receiver sets the gas block at a certain place. One doesn't want to get the muzzle too close or too far from the gas port in the barrel. If the gas port is too close to the muzzle, the rifle won't cycle reliably regardless of the size of the gas port. If one gets the gas port too far from the muzzle, accuracy can suffer. This last statement is the reason we are not currently offering a 20" barrel. We haven't tested a 20" with the gas port at the current position but based on experiments with other rifles, accuracy may be affected. We do need to try one just to be sure.

SOCOM came up with the 18.5 for their SPR rifles which were accurized AR-15s. That barrel length seems optimum. We may at some point make a longer upper which would be more suitable for the longer barrel lengths. Along this line, we are working on a shorter upper receiver which would allow the use of 10" or 11" barrels - maybe even shorter.


Alex J. Robinson
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