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Our Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

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And I'm not talking "south" as in GA or FL way. I'm talking Mexico.

Warning: those who are type sensitive to being offended about my ANTI-MEXICO rant can just go right ahead an click your back button away and may I suggest go visit http://www.aztlan.net/ and cohort amongst your fucking American hating buddies. Better yet: http://www.catchannel.com/ There you go.

For the rest of you, I chose to put this in the Politiking debate because the death of Border Patrol Agent LXXX AXXXXXX (to be filled in until notifications are done) of the Yuma Border Patrol Station, is as a result of worthless shitbag politicians to include upper level management and glory seeking AUSA's such as Johhny "The Rat" Sutton. Every and each one of them a worthless politician and all of whom are responsible for this tradegy.

Oh but wait!

This isn't isolated, so I will post but only a FEW that I've personally have dealt with. There are many, many, many more situations,

http://www.svherald.com/articles/2004/10/17/local_news/news1.txt from Oct, 2004

and this one didn't really make the news but it was me (scroll down for the pic):


And just to let you know how politics are involved just do a search of Deputy Gilmer Hernandez on Google, why not also Google my former trainee Nicholas Corbett, and BP Agents Campeon and Ramos.

I will be discussing the politics behind these and touch on our policies, as a result of Mexican ass kissing politics, resulted in this Agents death. He did the only option that is left to us as per policy, throw a measly 12 ft or so, spike strip that the driver would have expected and see it coming.

The policies and politics behind this is ALWAYS capitalized by human and drug smuggling organizations. They know how restricted we are, unless we can explain and justify the shit out of it (see above link to xcr forum pic) such as I did, and we do this fucking job with one hand tied to our balls. The know what we can't and what we can't do (double can'ts NOT a typo). In this case all the Agent could do is expose himself to toss out a spike strip, that if lucky, was hit by the guy and he would have flat tires as he drives into Mexico. That's it! There is nothing that we are allowed to do to stop them. And he would have driven back to Mexico with 4 flat tires easily.

As we do these thing we also have to worry about spiking someone else unintentionally. Alot of ATV'ers in the area and heaven forbid that the Agency would have to dole out about $1k to the dumbass whiner that runs over a PRE-deployed spike strip. If I were king I would tell him that HE decided that it would be cool to go to the dunes right next to the Mexican border. Too fucking bad! So now in order to reduce unintentional property loss Agents will try and spike as the vehicles go by..............................with no fucking cover. Because the Agent wouldn't want the bad guy to dent his government vehicle and he end up serving some suspension time, right?

I've seen them drive on rims 80 miles on pavement and watch them as they drive past Mexican paid off Officials as they acted like they didn't know it was coming and could not react in time.

BUT, we are used to corrupt Mexican officials and it's not a big deal anymore, right?


And just to make you guys feel better, that same fat Mexican taco eating cop with the stupid look on his face as I yelled at them, "Why didn't you fucking do anything?" after that F250 drove 80 miles and into Mexico (about 45 minutes warning) then told him, "Puto corruptado" as I turned and walked away. He will have access to that firearms database that doesn't exist:


That fat POS will have access to evrybody's name here who ever filled out a 4473.

So before I go on, talk amongst yourself about this and try and guess what I think of when I see those smiling shit eating politicians do their "thang" and do and say what ever it takes to get your vote.

I will say a hearty "Fuck You" to them all!

if you would like to file a complaint about me, click herehttp://www.aztlan.net/contactlavoz.html]
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Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

After living in Sierra Vista for a year I can say that I was getting really tired of the illegals in the area. Some of my classmates made fun of me because I had the BP number programmed into my Cell phone so I could call in every illegal I saw.

I was interested in volunteering on spare time but the army wont allow us to do extra-ciricular activities, especially stuff like the Minute men (please tell me how you feel about them from a BP viewpoint).

Your ROE as a BP borders pure madness and insanity, well, it is over the border. At least in Iraq if we feel our lives, the lives of others or US property is in danger we can engage them. (Or of couse if we are being shot at). We are also allowed to engage if we are pursuing and they fail to stop.

I can't feel all your pain but I know how difficult it is to attempt to take pride in your work and do a good job to only have your hands tied behind your back.

Keep at it though unfortunately it will only get worse before it gets better.
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Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

Until we SEAL our borders (yes, friends Canada too), lives will continue to be lost. It is anybodies guess how many ******* terrorist SOBs have already walked into the US. I am much afraid, after it's too late, the politicians will finally wake up. Two or five suitcase bombs may do the trick. Too bad it won't be the lazy ass politicos on the receiving end. I have visited countries whose borders were tighter than an eight year old virgin, going IN OR OUT. With todays volatile situation we should do the same. :2cents: Bag & Tag the illegals and send em home!!!
Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

I heard as many as 400 illegals pass through the Army Post (Ft. Huachuca) every year...Maybe that was every month?? Either way it is way to easy to get into the US.
Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

Didn't you know that the politicians are waiting for the next episode of 24 to become a reality before anyone really does something?
Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

I heard as many as 400 illegals pass through the Army Post (Ft. Huachuca) every year...Maybe that was every month?? Either way it is way to easy to get into the US.
It's actually AT LEAST 400 a week that get away at FTH. That's Naco and Sonoitas' area and I just came from there in Nov to Yuma.
Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

Start sending politician sons and daughters to do time on the border......... and all of a sudden something MIGHT be done, Some Mexican, no I stand corrected Texican, stated that the Southwest would be returned to Mexico due to the population shift..................... in otherwords more of them than us. I know that the Southeast is overrun with illegals. I had a car accident with one, no insurance, no drivers license, and no law enforcement action. They are becoming a MAJOR TAX Burden, this shit has got to stop. :duh:
Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

:clap: REMEMBER THE ALAMO! :redboxing: :redboxing:
I see a simple solution to the problem of illegal alien dope smuggler's killing BP Agents:

We need to ban Hummers.

Have a Hummer ban been in place, then an "undocumented worker", doing a job an American wont do, wouldn't have been able to steal, errr... I meant to say "borrow" it without proper permission, from a Santa Ana, CA car lot which later ended up turning several different colors in a few weeks time going back and forth at the dunes before it struck and killed Agent Aguilar.

Heck, let's just ban all 4x4's and trucks. A ban like this would have prevented this 'tradegy'.

Might as well ban all form of recreational off roading all over the US as long as we are at it.

Because I'm sure if we would have granted all the illegals amnesty AND legalized dope, this wouldn't have occurred. Not that a DTO (drug trafficking org.) wouldn't switch to smuggling something else.

Anyone agree?

In case you guys didn't know, Santa Ana, CA is a tonk (illegal alien) paradise, as in 100% sanctuary city.


Just go right to the demographic section.
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Re: Out Friends From The South!! A Big F-ing Joke!

We need to ban Hummers.
You must have been talkin' to my wife. :mad:
Fuck Mexico
If yoiu aren't LEGAL then you are what? Whoever you are you didn't apply...... so why are you still here? We need to wake up to who and what is coming into our country. As in contraband, dope, weapon(s), etc. Wake up America before it's too late..... :2cents:
We need to untie the hands of our border patrol and multiply their number by at least 200,000. Those agents should have the right to shoot to kill at their own discretion, but most certainly for self defense. The fact that it's not that way already, proves that our government is not serious about keeping illegals out. Our government is sacrificing the lives of those agents. :mad:
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