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Our new kitten... Pics! :)

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Alright, initially we thought he was a girl, but upon closer inspection last night... we realized "it's a boy!". So, here is He-man in action. :D (I'm kind of glad he's a boy...yay!)

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Cute kittah.

Ours is getting old and quite bitchy, well she always been that way.

Anyhow the dog chases her around which is probably good for the cat as she gets no exercise at all.
Ever notice pets resemble their masters? That's a compliment Terra..... :party:
Are you saying I'm super cute? ;D
I have my 4 yr old daughter trained to say our little yorkie is a "grumpy old dog"
That looks just like a cat one of my friends used to have... its dead now. Cats are great until you have to many of them and they start spraying an puking on every thing... 3 weeks straight I've had to wash my bedding once a week because of our cats, when I move out no kitty's...
My kitties don't spray... they're fixed :) They don't puke either... I keep them on a healthy diet with anti-hairball supplements. My kitties are clean :)
If it doesn't puke hairballs can it really still be called a cat?
Well, they do puke up rainbows and sunshine. :)
ours are fixed and have all the shots and see the vet regularly too one of our cats is just a year younger then me and still going strong, Im just saying they can develop additudes and become pricks
oh yeah i hear ya... my future-mother-in-law has the most evil, horrid cat in the world. you'll be petting her and all of a sudden there are teeth sunken into your flesh... she bites your ankles when you walk by, too... and beats up all the other cats. and she throws up all the time and scratches up all the furniture...
she's the devil, i tell you... :mad:
She sounds like a target to me ;D

If I weren't allergic to cats I may feel different but I want a pet that comes to me when I call it. If I am going to put a roof over your head and feed you then you had better listen to me.
you know, chris, you could get one of those ugly hairless cats... :D
I saw a cat I wanted, it was some african wild cat. something like 10K. For some reason I am never satisfied with what everyone else has. Most people try to keep up with the Jones', I TRY to be the Jones. Unfortunately I cant afford it... :duh:
The mother of my grandson has a cat named Azazel. The name fits its personality.
wow, I think more stalker than blackmailer??? Ulless they are the ones that took the pics :duh:
More "kitten" pictures please. ;D

The poster worries me Terra.

And i know a drywaller that needs some work. lol
Haha... it's not MY house... :p I know how to drywall and paint. I thought I'd shown you guys my work.. guess not. ???
Ray... dearest... please, no more pics. You're embarassing me. :-[
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