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Outdoor Marksman Ammo

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I am thinking about ordering a few thousand rounds of 40SW an 5.56 ammo from


I am looking at either of these for 40SW




I am looking at either of these for 5.56






Has anyone had any experiance with this website or any of this ammo

Will the 5.56 ammo cycle through an XCR after it has been broken in ?

Thanks for your input
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Have you compared this with the group ammo buy Jack A Sol has going on in this forum? :2cents:
I bought 1,000 rounds of LAKE CITY .223 from them when it was available. Recived it pretty quick, "thumbs up" Don't know anything about the ammo your looking at.
Having been down this path several times myself - and having tried pretty much every online ammunition sales available - here is my personal experience with a few. Keep in mind that these deals I made were over the course of the last two years, so prices have changed significantly. I will use general comparisons - from an average consumer perspective on Wolf .223 steel cased ammo - using todays online prices.


WTF does the war have to do with Wolf Russian Steel Cased Ammo prices going up? This pisses me off, and I should have bought 20,000 rounds last year at the local Gander Mountain when they were selling 1000 rounds of Wolf .223 steel for $169.

Without getting into the Wolf steel versus Brand X brass debate (save that for another thread)... here is my experience:

AMMOMAN (http://www.ammoman.com) - A little higher priced, but advertised prices INCLUDE shipping. No hassle, FAST delivery (48 hours). My last buy, was ordered Tuesday (morning) - delivered Thursday (afternoon). Your results may differ.

The deal of the day @ Ammoman is 3,000 rounds of Wolf .223 steel case 55gr FMJ delivered for $777 or $0.26 / cents per round

Outdoor Marksman - Comparable price, with shipping added. Delivery was within 3-4 days from time of order placed. It was a PAIN for me because they require ADULT SIGNATURE for delivery. It was advertised at $0.22 / cents per round - but DID NOT include shipping. Add shipping and it came out to $0.24 cents per round.

Sportsmans Guide - Moderate priced, but stock not always available. By the time they notified me they were out - other deals (like ammoman) had been bought up. Price is $220 per 1000 plus delivery. With delivery it cost me $0.25 cents per round. ADULT SIGNATURE required for delivery.

For pistol ammo, I have found Wal-Mart to be the cheapest for Blazer Brass cased and Winchester white box brass cased. Blazer recently had a price increase, but Winchester .45 white box was $31.44 per 100 (tax included) or $0.32 cents per round out the door.

In comparison, Ammoman sells you .45 Speer Lawman 230gr brass cased target ammo for $329 per 1000 delivered - or $0.33 cents per round delivered to your door step.

Ammoman sells .40SW Speer Lawman 165gr brass reloadable @ $269 per 1000 - delivered to your door.

Regardless - do the math, consider shipping (get solid quotes before you commit to buy) and determine if the ADULT SIGNATURE requirement is a hindrance to you.

Just my :2cents:

Good luck!
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