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Photographs of New and Prototype Robinson Armament Products.

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Do you think you might be able to share some photos of the eagerly awaited XCR-M in .308cal. There are so many people on here who are loyal customers who are just dying to see a glimps of this weapons system, and I know that I am saving a penny or two towards it, and a number of other conversions units and spares from your company. Also,

Can we Please see a photo of your new stock, as I can't wait to see your new design to match the XCR, and hopefully get away from the AR15/M16 hand-me-downs.
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We hate to leave you hanging, but... the Amazing Stock of Holy Light is still top secret. :( I tried, I really did. But I'm not allowed to show you yet.

It's more secret that The Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch....... :eek:h
Shhh. Do not speak of that which we do not speak of! :mad:

Terra, thanks for trying. It is the thought that counts. :)
Any chance on even describing it to us, like............ "It look simular to........" or something? Or, better still, one of your famous drawings! 8)
it looks a lot like a Nosy Roy 01.

What's wrong with my nose? :-\
I originally posted this in this thread, but it was moved to the other photo thread.

Anyhow, the offer stands.



I'd be willing to take the pics myself if you'd just send the XCR-M to me for a while. Wink

In fact, maybe we could work out some deal, I'd be willing to do your next catalog if you'd like.

I'm proficient with digital and large format, etc. and have all my own gear.


I forgot to mention, photography is my other inexpensive hobby. Wink

Used to be a profession for me for awhile. I assisted several pros in the Dallas area in the mid to late 80's before the market crashed.

Also, worked in a studio at the same time which leased out space and equipment to pros close to downtown. The studio space was awesome, had cycloramas in two of them. One large enough for multiple-car shots.

Had many shoots in that studio requiring extensive set building. Very good learning experience.

Anyhow, left that field after the photo market crashed and eventually wound up in the high-tech/telecom field.

So ... I am a little bit serious about my offer
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Alex is a perfectionist. He probably won't let anyone see anything until it's all completed and perfect in design. You'll have to settle with sending him flowers for now. :D
Does Alex have a "proposed release date" for the stock?
none that I know of... he's taking his time, just to torture you all. 8)
We will be waiting....not too long we hope
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