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Picked up the new baby today...

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From my first post here, to finding Kermit, to getting it today was a short run. This board is very helpful.
I picked it up today. First impressions are very positive. I'm surprised by the VLTOR stock. I got it because it was the best of the options I had from the dealer but didn't expect to like it. It's basically a Crane stock and feels very nice. No hair pulling at all and with the flared cheek swells/battery compartments I don't lean forward into the rifle like I normally do. Odd, but cool. I don't have the money right now to swap stocks anyway but as of right now I don't really see any need to do so. I got the MIAD grip but haven't installed it yet. It's not as straightforward as installing it on an AR. The bolt release is located almost exactly where the front of the trigger guard meets the rear of the magwell, and that's right where the push pin that holds the trigger guard in place is located. I'll have to (I assume) remove the bolt release lever to install the grip (if I want to use the winter trigger guard, which I do). I like the left side charging handle a lot. The essential ergos match those of the AR but I like the thought that has gone into some of the little things. It'll take training to acclimate me to it and of course it needs to prove that it can run and shoot, but a lot of my "holy cow this was an expensive purchase" anxiety is gone now. It did come with one basic mag so I do at least have something that can hold the ammo I don't have. The mag locks the bolt back and literally jumps out of the gun when the mag release is pressed. No sights yet. I need to buy irons and don't know which set I will go with. I keep reading that AR sights are a bit taller than what is needed on the XCR but without trying different sights I don't know how to make an informed choice. The dealer I bought this from (Kermit) will be representing Robinson at the SAR show here in Phoenix at the end of this month so I'll ask him what has been working for other owners. I've also been browsing the sights section here. As of now I am glad I bought this over the SIG 556 (though I do still really like the guts of the 556) so as long as it runs reliably I should be able to enjoy it. Thanks to Terra and the rest of you for your input and assistance.

Range report when I can find ammo cash.
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Congrats on your new rifle, I am sure you will enjoy it. Just make sure to tighten everything up before heading to the range and then once again after putting some rounds through her. That seems to be the only thing I have heard about them, things tend to work loose during break in. Nothing on mine has, and I got it so early in that nobody knew what to expect as far as what might go wrong. I can honestly say that in the 4K rounds I have put through mine I have maybe had 5 malfunctions. The rifle is great to shoot, and an even greater joy to clean. Welcome again and enjoy.
Welcome razai, This gun is fun. SANTA might bring you some ammo!
Well, Santa brought me the gun so I'll have to rely on the Easter Bunny for ammo.
Thanks for the remarks. Now...to figure out this whole MIAD grip thing...
I'm glad you finally got one. It's only better from here. :)
Congrats, I am sure you will enjoy it.
Man...this MIAD grip makes an amazing difference in the feel and balance of the rifle. You guys ought to make them standard equipment. I liked the rifle before, but I officially love it now.
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