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Pics of my 6.8SPC SBR

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After a long 40 something day wait my Form 1 came back yesterday. I had the barrel cut down to 11.5" by the guys at Daniel Defense, they did an amazing job with the new CNC lathe they have. The PWS flash hider adds a good inch to the length, making it look a little longer. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but am hoping to get out sometime this week. My pics are a poor attempt to be like Prizm...never in a million years though.

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OWWWWH. Nasty little Bastard. Looks good, expect a good report on how it does it's shakedown flight. ;D ;D
that's one nasty little sob you have there >:D
Welcome to the SBR family,

It looks SWEET!

Drool.... 8)
Looking good! If we somehow ever make it out to a shoot together, aziator, you've definitely got to bring that thing. ;D
really want to see if any changes in accuracy occur with such a short barrel. looks really SWEET!!
Now you need to test your vest's bullet resistance...
went to the range today, check 6.8 forum for details
Very, very nice, Chris. Good to see you're spreading the cheer... and drool... ;D
5.56 Barrel is being cut as we speak...
Aziator, that thing is sweet. Please let us know how that 6.8 feels in that XCR. I know it's sweet. I'm trying to decide whether to do 6.8 or not. ???
DO IT!!!

And check out my range report in the 6.8 forum...flawless and perfect, ran like a sewing machine.
My sewing machine at school jams on a regular basis...
Nice to see someone else employing the grip pod.
I love mine!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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