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Pics of my buddy's new AK build

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I have a friend who is working on a new AK build that I always thought would be an interesting thing to try. He has bent his own receiver from a flat. I'm not really up on the exact assembly procedures, but he sent me some cell phone pics of the progress thusfar. Says he will be using a mix of parts. It will be a 5.56. Anyone ever tried this before? Looks like cheap fun:

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Cool. What the hell are those last three pics? Looks like some sort of a civil war relic?
Ahh... Oops! Those last three are of a native American artifact (I think, anyway) he found. That is definitely not an AK part!.

He sent me a bunch of pics and I obviously slipped and highlighted too many links.

Only the AK pics are relevant to this thread. :duh:
I don't particularly like his choice of folding stock, but each to his (or her) own. For a folder I liked the old Chinese style that gave a better cheek weld. :2cents: I have a Chinese .223 AK, and like the devil out of it. >:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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