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Picture of Pelican case with XCR

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Looks like I get to start off the picture thread.

Here's a rather dark picture of my pelican case with XCR and several SIGs.

Here's a close up of the ACOG mounted.

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More pics to "EXPAND" the horizon....Gramps


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Re: optional

Oh my...very nice
Thanks for sharing, nice.
More pics to "EXPAND" the horizon....Gramps
How hard was it to cut out the Foam so it did not look like crap ?

I was kicking around the idea of getting a few Pelican Cases but I'm not sure if I trust myself with a razor knife.

I got a marking pen that marked the foam and then just used a folding pocket knife to slowly cut it out. It was easy - you just have to have patience to go slow. I bought enought extra foam from http://www.efoamstore.com/default.asp to be able to make up several different configurations. There are actually three layers of 1.5 inch foam. One in the lid and two in the bottom. The cut out is only on the topmost of the ones in the bottom of the case.

I just picked up my DSA FAL and plan to make a configuration with both the XCR and FAL in the case, hopefully with room for a pistol as well. As soon as I get around to it and replace my camera which died I'll post some more pictures.

I thought I recognized the Pic... I'm glad to see you here in the XCR Forum

I'm gonna get a Pelican Case

Thanks ;D
Yeah, I'm SigsRule everywhere except on sigforum and falfiles where I'm Consultant. I need to replace my camera soon so I can post more pictures of my new DSA FAL and the case after I cut up some more foam to fit both rifles.
Re: optional

Very nice! What kind of finish did you use, and if you dont mind, how much did it cost to have those done like that?
While it isn't a Pelican (which is a great case) I thought I'd drop a few pics of my "custom" case here!

It is a Fender Bass guitar case that I fitted and cut 1in sheets of foam for.

I wanted something that didn't scream "Gun" when i had it in the truck!
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Your guitar case is way cool. It reminds me of the El Mariachi films starring Antonio Banderas.
Of course, any guitar afficionado would be just as interested in a classic Fender as a rifle.

A nice Fender would compliment my Ramirez quite well.

I've had a few others mention the El Mariachi movies, lol, I'am not 1 to go to movies and have never seen any one those films, but i guess i need to now!

As for the Fender guitar, I am 55 played a little when i was a kid and have an old Fender Esquire in a hardboard case that hasn't been touched in more years then I care to think about. I got it in 1968 played the crap out of it for a while, then played from time to time, and again, haven't touched it in along time. My oldest kid thinks its worth a, bunch, I am sure its worth more then I paid for it back then, but, I'll hang on to it till i die then the kids can fight over it! Just like the XCR!! ;D
I think you'll find a Fender that old, depending on which one and what shape, is worth quite a bit today. My Ramirez is only a few years old, I can afford a good one now, but the one I let get away was a Gibson Classical that I think was rosewood way back when I was a teenager over 45 years ago. Wish I still had it!!!!

Thought you guys (and gals) that are putting together custom cases would like to know that for cutting foam, the EASIEST BY FAR process is to position your weapons where you like them, trace them with a sharp piece of chalk (wipes away when you are done!) and go to Wal-Mart and buy a $10 electric carving knife (yes, the same on you use for Thanksgiving turkey). Black & Decker is the best value for the money (like I said - TEN BUCKS) and oh how EASY it slices through the foam. Cut to the inside of the chalk line, and you'll have a snug fit. Works like a charm and good luck!!


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Here's another set of insides for my pelican case. I just used a sharp hunting knife.

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1redgmc, Ive got the same P99 as you lol, how do you like it compared to your glocks & sigs?

What mount do you have on your ACOG and when you re-mount it how far is it out from POA.
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