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Plug for Bill Springfield

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I sent off 2 lowers to Bill a couple weeks ago to have the triggers worked over. I received my lower the day before I received my 6.8 conversion so I waited to shoot until I could shoot 6.8. I went out to the range, excited to see what I could do with 6.8. I loaded 3 rounds at a time and began firing. the first 3 groups went well, the 4th not so much. I loaded the mag with 3 rounds, inserted and shouldered the weapon. As I got ready to fire I released the bolt with the release and the next thing I new the gun fired the 3 rounds I had in the mag. Full auto 6.8 was an experience to say the least. I am just glad I didn't have any more rounds in the mag. I tried to reset the hammer but it wouldn't, just kept going forward with the bolt. I packed it up and called Bill when I got home (monday Night). He said it sounded like the hammer/disconect area needed a little work and to send it back to him.

I received my lower back this past monday and was immediately pleased with the feel of the trigger. It was smoother and more crisp this time. I went out to the range and shot 160 rounds without any problems, including a 20 round mag dump.

I still can't believe how nice this trigger feels and am pleased with the customer service that Bill gives. I wont hesitate to recommend him to others for future work. When he emailed me he said he was suprised that the first trigger made it through his checks he performs before sending it out.

Guys, if you own an XCR and haven't had Bill work on your trigger you are missing out. Send it in, get it done and enjoy.
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The 1st part of your thread is scary.

I will keep my opinion to myself.

Glad it all worked out.

I know what you are thinking! Naughty boy!

hehehehehehe :rapidfire:
Yeah, maybe I should have loaded up a full mag and :machinegun2: :machinegun2: while I had it but 6.8 ammo is exxxspensive. This was by no means trying to discredit Bills work. With anything you will always have the one or 2 cases where something slips through. No worries here, I will abuse it plenty and I have had a spare hammer/disconnect since day one.
That's good to hear.

I have to say my new XCR's trigger feels way nicer then my XCR I bought earlier this year.

They are listening at Rob Arms and definitely doing something to the stock trigger.

gee i wonder if a can just buy a New spare trigger assembly and swap em out :duh:
I should be talking to Alex next week so I will ask him
if they are doing anything to the trigger springs .
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