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To all:

Let me give you my 2 cents on the magazine issue. P-Mags look great and are designed well. I've heard that the makers give them only a limited life. I've had vast experience with M-16 magazines including the thermold magazines which were and probably are the best plastic mags. They have a life of around 5,000 rounds.

For .95 you can buy a C-Products Stainless Steel 5.56 magazine which many feel are as good as the H&K 5.56 magazine. Check out their website. These are the best mags you can buy for the money - period!

That may be true for other thermold mags but I am not sure that this appllies to P-Mag. I can't imagine that they will die at 5k rounds. No disrepect for C-Products ~ they are very fine ~ but P-Mag are every bit as good (IMO). As for life only time will tell. For now anyway I will use P-mag over C-Prod everytime.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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