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pmags in a week

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charles daly defense can get them for you! they get shipments every week and they're not $40-$50. I ordered some today at $14.95, lindsey(which is who you need to talk to) told me they would be getting another shipment in a week and then she would send them out.
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And if they don't get them Brownells gets 500-700 Pmags a week. I ordered some recently from Jenn and GoTimeGear and had a great buying experience.
I wanted to order them from CD but would not ship to CT. Says they are banned but every store around has 30 round mags.
charlesdalydefense.com is that the correct site? I've been trying to find some black maglevels but having a heck of a time. I've looked there but they don't list pmags. Got a phone number?

I called CD last week and they told me they had black Pmags in stock but no maglevels
Lindsey at 1-866-DalyGuns 8-4:30 M-F EST.
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