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possible problem with new gas valve

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I installed the new hand adjustable gas valve instead of the old one you needed a wrench to adjust.

Anyway finally went to the range today and I was able to turn the valve all the way to number 1 and S, and it still cycled just fine shooting Winchester 5.56 ammo. The valve part that you turn with the numbers on it does have some play to it when you are turning it and adjusting it, and even when it is on a setting you are able to wiggle it in and out some.

I just wanted to see maybe the ammo I was using was strong enough to keep the gun cycling, because I thought that in the S setting the bolt was not supposed to cycle.

My gun only has the 400 rounds through it that I did for break in, so maybe I need several hundred more through it to loosen up the spring in it and then it would not cycle on the S setting?
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I tried mine yesterday on all settings. I found all the diff. ammo I had worked fine on the "S" setting, although it did not cycle back as hard it worked fine and the brass did not go far. The "1" setting gave me the best groups at 100y/m.
Okay, so it sounds like everyone else has the same thing.

I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing a part or something. Thanks for the reply's guys!
I think what you are describing sounds entirely normal. The plug should always have a little play in it, especially when its clean.

The new gas valve evidently allows more gas through than the old one. That is what I have gathered based on a variety of reports.

My gun has cycled my not-very-hot handloads on #1. I have not tried it on "S". I would not expect #1 to work after the gun was a little dirtier, and if you are using light loaded crap steel case. I use #1 to keep from having to chase the brass that far at the range, and it might work, but I would not *depend* on it if I wanted to make sure it would run reliably, ie. at a carbine course or something. I would run at least #2.
The gas dials wiggle, yes. That is perfectly normal. And the XCR will indeed cycle while on S. In fact, when I want to really pick on a rifle during diagnostics, I will shoot it a few rounds on every setting just to check.
I just wanted to see maybe the ammo I was using was strong enough to keep the gun cycling, because I thought that in the S setting the bolt was not supposed to cycle.
I think youre referring to the setting that turns the gas system off. I dont have my manual handy, but it mentions it. I think its before S (between S and 4), but again, check the manual, its in there.
Yes, S is for supressor but most of the guns will run on it. I wouldn't run it that way if my life depended on it but it is nice for the range to collect brass. You may get a short stroke every now and then and it may not activate the bolt hold open on the last shot.
The SBR's will not cycle reliably on S without the can.
The gas dials wiggle, yes.
Terra, what would be the possibility of getting a youtube video of you doing "the gas dials wiggle"? >:D
is that the official dance of the XCR?
That's what I was implying - I'm wondering now though what Terra was thinking of!

I'm betting that what Terra had in mind was more "interesting" than what I did ;)
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