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Problem with flash hider?

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I just received a brand new 16" HBAR XCR. The A2 flash hider is installed with the vented half at about a 45-degree angle from the top. Is this normal? On every other weapon I've seen, the A2 flash hider had the vents directly on top. Thanks for any advice.
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Nope, it's wrong.

As you look at the muzzle, muzzle pointing you-UNLOADED OF COURSE, are the vents at the 10-11 or 1-2 o'clock? If they are 10-11 they probably can just be tightened and put the center vent at 12 o'clock. If it's at the 1-2 o'clock call RA and tell them to send you a new crush washer b/c you FH will be lose if you time it back to the 12 and I'd DON'T recommend tightening it all the way around from that point. Other option are peel washers a la ol'school.....apparently it's ol'school now.

BTW you should move this to the "problem" section and/or address this in the RA section. Better yet give them a call. It would be a waste of time in my opinion to even send it in or pay anyone to fix this.

Last resort get a crush washer at your local mall ninja store (AKA gun store that sells EBR stuff) yourself. That's what I would do and not even bother RA.
I can send you a crush washer, hon. Just PM me your mailing address.
Thank you both -- PM sent.

Now that I look at it, the vents are actually from 1-2 to 7-8 o'clock (i.e., 45 degrees from the bottom).
One other thing: Once I have a new crush washer, is it just a simple matter of unscrewing the flash hider with a standard wrench, replacing the washer, and screwing the hider back on into the correct position? Any potential pitfalls or chances of damage?
Just put your barrel in a vise (preferably wood or plastic, so you don't scuff it up) and use a wrench to twist off the Flash hider. Shouldn't be too difficult. Replace crush washer, and twist back on. It's really simple. :) You should have your crush washer any day now.
I'd recommend barrel removed from receiver, and don't forget to use wood block or those rubber things on vise.

I took off the original Flash Hider and replaced with a PWS combo unit without removing the barrel. You only have a few inches of barrel to put in the vice this way so I clamped it in the vice vertically (using plastic jaw covers from Home Depot), but it worked. When I finally got the new gas block I had to pull the barrel anyway and removed both the break and old gas blocks easily by chucking the barrel horizontally in my vice. Now with four inches being clamped it didn't move a bit.
As odd as it might sound, I took off the barrel and had a friend hold it, while I removed the flash hider with a wrench. Worked just fine.

I received the new crush washer (thanks, Terra) and tried to unscrew the flash hider, but it's not budging. Given http://xcrforum.com/index.php/topic,508.0.html, could it be permanently attached? (This is a new-production standard XCR that had been just received at the gun store.) On the other hand, I don't have a vise and couldn't get much leverage with a wrench.

Speaking of vises, can the job be done with something like the Palmgren Drill Press Vise (1 3/4" jaws -- http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=577546&t=11082005 or Baker Drill Press Vise (3" jaws -- http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=316550&t=11082005)? I'm not set up for heavy-duty shop work, so a light, standalone (not bench-attached) vise would be best, if any such exist.

If all else fails, could I send in the barrel itself for service? Thanks.
Either of those would work, but definately put some rubber/plastic jaw pads on it. Those barrel clamps that are solid alum work well unless you really torq on the bbl. (like over 100lbs). Then they will slip a little too thus messing up the finish (my experience).

I don't think it would be pinned unless its a Cali gun, but then it would have a muzzle break in place of a FH wouldn't it?
New York and New Jersey barrels are usually permanently attached as well. The only exceptions are LE guys. They don't have to have theirs pinned.

Trying to unscrew a FH without a vise... LOL... If you'd succeeded, I would be quite impressed. ;) Invest in one. Every gun owner should. :)
Brownells has em. Called AR-15 barrel vice jaws $19.95. MidwayUSA has DPMS brand for $16.99. These are the solid alum ones, but work well. There are also some out there that have a permanent polymer liner in the barrel chanel. Can't find em just now, but I remember they're $65.00!!!

BTW, Terra. I once removed my flashhider with nothin more than a hard stare;D
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It's not hard I've swapped them before also.

Just try it on an M1A when you don't know what your doing and have NO idea what a lock screw is! :duh: :duh:

Terra this might be a QA thing to take note of, mine wasn't on right to, it was on upside down :duh: Only took a min to fix but worth a mention.
Thanks. Sounds like the best bet for no barrel marring would be SCG AR-15/M16 ACCU-GRIP BARREL VISE JAWS (http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=12799&title=SCG%20AR-15/M16%20ACCU-GRIP%20BARREL%20VISE%20JAWS). Are the XCR HBAR dimensions the same as AR-15 HBAR (or close enough for this to work)?

These jaws seem to require a 4" or wider vise, but I don't see why... looks like they'd fit in the Palmgren vise (just sold out at MidwayUSA, but available from Brownells at http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=4990&title=NO.%20120/320%20DRILL%20PRESS%20VISES). Does anyone see a problem?
get a vortex and don't worry about it anymore ,no crush washer needed.
I just tested my xcr flashider. It prob took about 15-20lbs. to remove, but it came right off. Those lined vice jaws are the bombdigity, but today I just wrapped the bbl in an ole towel.

I bought a good vice from Northern Tool for about $40. This thing is reaaaly big, but it was only $40!!!

Vortex is the best flash hider (but it runs about $60). The Phantoms are a close second. But any of these are really only useful on short barrels, meaning 7" - 11.5". Most any FH works pretty well on barrels 16" and longer. I've got pics of a night-firing test I'll try to find.
Can't find my pics of the FH test, but someone on ARFCom just posted a thread on FH's and a bunch of guys added pics. The Vortex is still tops, but the AAC Blackout is just as good and it's shorter (the length of a birdcage FH). Theres another one out now that's as good but I cant remember the name.

cheers, R20

ps: On AFRCom there's an attached video where the guy that makes the vortex will donate one to any deployed GI that wants one. Hooah!!!
Yeah, that sounds like most of my dates' reaction too. ;D

cheers, R20
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