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I think you'll find that all the online places are cheaper than your local dealer -- until you factor in shipping and hazmat fees. That $18, one-pound can of powder can end up costing $50 after a $25 hazmat fee and $7 in shipping.

I've generally found Powder Valley to consistently have the best powder prices online.

GI Brass and Southern Belle Brass have great brass prices (although check the classifieds on FalFiles if you want .308) and decent shipping.

Wideners has great buys on surplus bullets and powders, and so does River Valley Ordinance. RVO is kinda small, so you just call up the nice lady and ask her what she's got laying around. Just got a good deal on some 62-grain penetrators from her.

Montana Gold Bullets now carries 5.56 bullets. They're not as cheap as surplus, but cheaper than most commercial bullets (just remember to figure in the pirce of shipping).

Not knocking the others, just know these guys from having dealt with them.
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