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Question on 12 inch barrel and NFA registration

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Hello all,
A quick question about the NFA process - I'm wanting to order the 12" barrel for my XCR (or have a local shop chop my current barrel down) and I wasn't sure what the first step should be. Should I order the short barrel and just hold onto it until the NFA approval goes through or is it best to have the approval before even ordering the barrel? I know the process can take some time (months) so I'm just trying to figure out how best to proceed. Thanks in advance, this forum is a great source of info.

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You want to have the approval before ordering the barrel.

As the previous commenter said, wait. The ATFE could classify you having the barrel as intent or what I have heard referred to as "Constructive Possession".

It is never worth the risk. Send in your paper work and get your stamp. After that you can do order your barrel with no worries. In the mean time you can think of all the other cool things you want to do to your SBR'ed XCR once you are legal!
I would contact Robarm and find out how long it would take to get your new barrel. They may not have them just sitting around. It should take a month from when you mail off the form 1 so give them a heads up when you need it.
Hey Dirty Tony,

Welcome to the forum and

yes, I would get the approval first before chopping your barrel. If you chop it now, not only can't you use your XCR, as previously stated here, it is can be construed as intent to use an unregistered SBR. In my opinion, save your money and put it towards a second short barrel, then you have better flexability. Give RobArm a call when you get your paperwork back and they just might find a short barrel lying around??? :rapidfire:
Really appreciate the replies - it looks like ordering a new barrel, once I get the approvals, will be the way to go since I'll still be able to use my XCR - thanks all.
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