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Questions for Left Handed XCR Owners

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I have a few questions regarding the selector for the XCR. I am left handed as God would have it and I figure he would not have inspired a great rifle design and not make an allowance for me to operate it left handed... :)

So my questions are:
1 – Does a standard AR selector work on the XCR or is the XCR selector proprietary?
2 – Does Robinson Arms make an ambidextrous selector for the XCR?
3 – Is the selector easy to install at the user level? I have built many AR rifles and would like to do it myself.

On a separate note. How have you left handed shooters mounted slings to your XCR? I use Blue Force Gear Vickers slings on all my black rifles. And the top loop on the folding stock is not an option as it pretty much digs into my ear with anything attached to it.

I am considering tapping a hole in the stock just behind the hinge on the right side of the rifle. This would allow me to use a QR sling mount or a standard sling stud.
I have a GG&G RQ SlingThing for the front sling mounting point.

I sent these questions of to RA and have not heard back from them yet. So I figured I would post these questions here to see if the XCR collective has the 411 on left handed components.
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I shoot left handed, but have not bought my rifle yet. I have confirmed with the factory that a left handed selector is indeed available and shipping now. I don't think any XCR trigger parts are directly compatible with the AR, but don't know for sure. Not sure at all about the rest of your concerns.
Retail price for the Ambi-selector is set at $40.00 and is readily avaliable as an option.

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