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If anyone needs to ask me about a VEPR or an M96, post them here, please. :thanks:
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1. How much does it weight ?
2. What are the Dimensions ?
3. What colors do they come in ?
4. Are they California Legal ?
5. What Caliber are they ?
6. What parts are available ?
7. Why didn't Ty call me today ?
8. Will you please go hurt him ?
9. Am I being annoying ?
10. What are you having for Thanksgiving Dinner ?

That about covers it. :thanks:
1. M96 - 8.5 lbs, VEPR - 8.35 lbs
2. The fifth dimension, just off Orion's belt.
3. Black, green, tan... i've seen them all.
4. Yes, both come in California-legal models. That's why we have Chris at LAN world. he does all the dirty cali work. :D
5. M96 came in 5.56, the VEPR came in Cal 7.62x39mm, .223 Rem, 5.45x39mm, and .308 Win.
6. only spare parts, for both guns.
7. Ty doesn't like you. :D
8. I will toilet paper his car, but that's as far as I go. And I want $50 for the service.
9. of course!
10. I dont like turkey, or traditional for that matter, so I'm having loaded mashed potatos, steak, and a whole bunch of pumpkin pie. MMMMM.

I win! ;D
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Ok... you get a cookie..

Tell Ty I said Thanks :hopmad:
Hey Terra, I know that Robinson was toying around with multi-caliber conversions for the M96. Did you have a chance to ask about the 7.62x39 bolt you may have laying around. That's all I need to change my 6x45 to 6mmAR. Thanks, Gunner69
I just asked Curtis about that... he says that they made maybe one or two of the 7.62 bolts for the M96, and that was just for research. It never went into production, and we never made any others. all we have is the 5.56 bolts.
Would it be possible for me to buy a .223 M96 bolt?

(Does that qualify as the first real question?) :)
depends on why you need one. Alex doesn't want me selling those off unless someone's is broken...
Hey Terra,

If you have any of those VEPR folding stocks laying about the shop might I inquire about purchasing one?
They actually never made it into production. The company in Russia fell through on us before the stocks became a reality. With no more VEPRs available to us, the stock faded to the background.

Ace LTD has a folder that fits on the VEPR. However, you must cut off the tang in order for it to fit.
With all due respeck!

No tangk you!

I am not cutting notang off my lil friend! ;)
Hello Tera,

I was wondering if ya'll still make the m96? and if so will conversions for it be produced like the xcr?

and also with the popularity of the veper have ya'll considerd being an importer for the saigia series ak?

thank you

Hi Blazer,

No, we no longer make the M96. :( It was a very complicated and time-consuming rifle to build. Three hours of welding per gun, along with different finishes, etc., gave us cause to switch to something much simpler and better. Hence the XCR. Alex has mumbled around doing another batch of M96s... but with so much on our plate, I don't know if it will be a possibility.

Honestly, we would never have let the VEPRs slip away if it could be helped. The company flat out refused to sell to us anymore after the new owners took over. Left us high and dry and quite sad about the whole affair. I don't know if we will import again... It would be just awesome, though.
good morning Terra,

thats to bad about the vepers

the reason I asked about the m96 was i wanted one in 308, and asked before i had got a chance to explore the form.

I think its awsome that the xcr will be offered in 308 and 762!

I plan on getting one of each and maybe a 6.5 conversion
and I plan on convincing a couple of my uncles to do the same

its too bad about the veper, but yet on the other hand the Saiga rifles and shot guns would be great additions to your product line
especially if ya'll did the pistol grip conversions

any clue as to when the xcr 308 pics will be on the site? cant wait

I know this isnt the thread for this.

thanx for the info

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The .308 is still in the works. I think in the .308 section Alex posted some pictures of the initial drawings for it... Not sure. Hunt around, you might get lucky and find them. :)
1. Other than it starting with "RA", can you tell by the serial number if a M96 requires any of the upgrades?

2. Do you have any optics mounts left for the M96?
1. Other than it starting with "RA", can you tell by the serial number if a M96 requires any of the upgrades?

2. Do you have any optics mounts left for the M96?

There are photos on the M96 website depicting parts needing upgrades. You can compare the parts to your rifle's and tell that way.

For a scope mount, go go www.thekaiserworks.com. They're the only ones who have on for the M96. ;)
The upgrade serial numbers start with HP. But, like I said, you have to look at the pictures on the M96 website to tell for sure. There is a 50% any HP rifle needs the upgrades.
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