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For those of you that have had to order your XCR's, how long did it take to get yours? I havent been able to find any locally, and it looks like Ill have to order one through a dealer. Luckily I found one who would do it (One of the Class 1 Dealers from the website), most have never heard of the XCR, a few didnt have any more, and one told me they couldnt do it, which I found odd. Why wouldnt you want to make money off a guaranteed sell, I want my XCR! :)
I've purchased 2 XCR's. And my total wait time was about...15 seconds. I have 3 stocking dealers near me so getting my hands on one is no problem at all. As I always recommend to new buyers, ask who has stock instead of ordering and waiting for 9 weeks.

This is a good thing because it clears inventory off dealers shelves whichs makes them order more XCR's
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