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Recommendations welcome...

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So, I have this really, really nice customer in New York. He placed an order for a fixed M4 Adapter, because he would like to get a better stock. He liked the sound of the VLTOR... but I wanted to know.... What would be a really great stock for him? I don't know much about stocks other than ours, so.... a little help? I want to recommend something to him that he would really enjoy. He's a bigger guy, from what he says, so he'll want something that can extend to be fairly long, and have enough surface area on the butt to resist being swallowed by his "big ol shoulder". Ideas?
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What he will be able to use depends on whether you are installing a milspec or civi diameter tube. Some stocks are available in both styles, and some are only available in one style or the other.

The LMT SOPMOD is my favorite AR stock. They only make a milspec version though.

I am quite fond of the MagPul CRT stock. They are well made and you can get them with a rubber butt pad that makes it a little more comfortable. :bolt:
I have a VLTOR because it was incredibly comfortable and it should be plenty long. it has storage space and is modular so you can make it smaller if the compartments are too bulky for you. havent tried the magpul.
I like the M4 SOCOM stock from ACE Ltd. They also have it in a longer version called the M4 SOCOM (L) :2cents:
I love my magpul ctr. Although I prefer no rubber pad on it because I want a shorter low end lop, that would add a bit more extended lop for him if that is one of his concerns. I made a post somewhere about the length of pull with my ctr retracted and extended-but that's with the folding adaptor...

also, the lmt sopmod is also a very comfortable stock.

eta: ya that lop thread is right in this stock forum :duh:
If he is going fixed stock then I'd recomend the Magpul PRS as it's fully adjustable or the Command Arms SRS. Either will allow him to tailor the stock to fit his length of pull/cheek profile.
Thanks for the input, guys. :) It's a big help.
You are most welcome Terra. :tiphat:
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