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South Africa in the 1970s ? Not much huh , of course you don't that is the goal of Africana.
Erase everything that was the place they lived in , all of it , Mandela was one of the architects of this thinking and Apartheid knew it and kept him behind Bars.
Obama is classic Ubutu a form of Africana ,there are 7 forms , this one is more radical like Hammas.
4 months ago the web had extensive explanations as to this ,they have been taken down for the most part now.
Look at what he is saying ,spread the wealth , your wealth not his or anyone who follows him and isnt white or a Christian or a Jew.
He wants to change things that have history or meaning to the US from our Fathers and Grand Fathers America.
When he was looking at that book on American Monuments and Places,of our Freedoms conception , he wasn't going to take a vacation ,he was looking around.
In 20 years we will not have anything ,or remember anything that was The US , like he says ,it will always be the USA ,just not what we know.
All those SA Black Columnist were trying to warn us and we didn't listen!!
We kept calling him a Commie ,and i tried to tell you he isnt a commie! he only reads Marxism because it tells how to change a place like this into what he wants it to be.
Its going to far now America ,i have posted all i could on this even from other country's showing he is not Adored ,but feared like Hitler.
He loves it when you all blame Marx or Russia , then you are concentrating on them and not him.
Real Communist left overs from Warsaw, have been on talk shows and the radio warning us about obama. America wouldn't know a Communist from an Africana Racist ,if it were shown to them.
It never mattered because it was always confined in Africa ,and now it has infected a major super power and guess what ? Iran and terrorist just got their nukes if this continues ,and it isnt us they want them for. Its Christianity and they are winning.
Russian aggression is confused with Russian defense ,they knew what we the American People didn't .
If you were on the outside looking at us over the last year wouldn't you be afraid? and look at that election it seems we are running to this type of Government with all the fat cheering whites in that crowd who soon will know.
Russia is predominately White and Christian. why would they care if we became another African type Nation ,Because it is spreading.
They will deal with Obama ,but they want some old loose ends tied up first ,and Obama said he will meet with their President and not their PM.
Its a long story guys ,one of Politics and Religion and different forms of this and that ,What we had was easy and not complicated.
He needs to tear down the pride and moral in our Millitary , they need to go from one who the people love ,to one that will follow Obamas orders, including shooting us. Russia deals with Iran and the like , like we deal with some ass hats also ,it doesn't mean they want them to run their Government . Our troops will return in disgrace ,a step Obama feels they need to show his friends they are no longer the Millitary they were and are paying now for their crimes .They will be conformed and pulled in and all the old ideals will be erased .
Or be replaced with his ideas of a defense force. I believe that Biden saw what he really was ,so will Pelosi and the others ,and he isnt what they thought he was ,a liberal like them. They will all be replaced within 4 years anyway and elections are rigged from now on and they will be down here with us . All this Money Obama talks about ? well we will see a Yard sale of ships tanks and other things and we will have lost the war on terror . If we ever do have to go fight it will be against someone like Israel or a Country that Obama or his friends don't like. Will you die for the Pharaoh ? He will threaten you to do so with your Children , But he dose not trust our Millitary and it may be wise to leave them where they are. Surrounded by his friends with no hope of anyone coming to help them , just like what was left of the South African Army at Batanna . Something we didnt hear about did we ? I wonder why ? But you can ask your new First lady im sure she knows.
Guys the election is over ,we need to worry about what we can do to wake people up and see this before he gets entrenched.
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