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I have removed the stock bolt thinking that would let me remove the stock.But no such luck,the stock is as tight as ever.I do see a pin or a Allen wrench slot in the bracket,but I am stump as what to do next ? Also when I put back the stock bolt do I put on locktite and which one ? Thank's for your help in advance.Mike :eek: :eek:
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To remove a fixed stock all you should have to do is remove the stock mounting screw. I have no idea how else it would stick on... That screw is the only thing holding the stock to the rifle.

Use 222 loctite. It's the lavender/bluish color.
After looking at my rifle, there appears to be another screw inside the rifle, above the buffer? This looks like it screws into the stock adapter as well???

Check it out and get back to us with the results.
The screw above the buffer is the stock mounting screw. On a fixed stock, that should be the only thing attaching the stock. Unless Mike has a mutant gun... :ninja:
Well I learnt something new today. Not having access to a non folding stock I didn't know that.

Well there you go.

How's my barrel enjoying it's vacation, I hope you are keeping it warm and taken care of?

:shootingproblems: It's hard to shoot ones XCR without the barrel, I was told by my doctor that my sickness is in fact withdrawal symtoms from not being able to shoot my XCR and there is only one cure, and that is to get my XCR up and running again! ::)
Me and your barrel have become good friends. ;D I wish I could expedite the process for you, but you know how these crusty engineers are with their machinery... ::)
Terra and Aussie Arms I guess I was thinking of the pin that is in the stock itself.I will try to remove the stock when I get home .Alex had asked me to try to remove it before I send it back on Wendsday.Thank you both for taking the time to help me out.Michael
Roy, you should have sent me the barrel, Daniel Defense is like 20 minutes from me and will be chopping mine for me.
I think he said $50. I am going to have them engrave my lower too
I will keep that in mind, thank you! I am sure Terra will keep onto them to get my barrel back to me VERY soon. :crossedfingers: and I was quoted $50.00 for RobArm too.

Thanks my friend!
Terra & Aussie Arms the stock came off just as you said it would.Thank's Mike
Roy, you should have sent me the barrel, Daniel Defense is like 20 minutes from me and will be chopping mine for me.
Ask them if they will make an aftermarket upper for the XCR. I would buy several assuming they build it like their AR handguards, ie the lightest on the market. Heck if, it came out weighing about the same but with full profile rails it would be worth it.
Last time I was in there they were barely keeping up with all the .mil contracts. They are swamped with orders right now, not sure they would have time in the near future to R&D something like that right now.
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