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Robinson Arms XCR Recomendations

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I am going to be buying a Robinson Armament XCR Modular Weapon System in 5.56 mm and was wondering what attachments everyone else would get if they were ordering it from their website.


I am probably going to get the XCR with the following attachments
16 Inch Light Chrome Lined Barrel with a 1 in 9 Twist
M16A2 Three Slot Closed Front Flash Hider and Muzzle Brake
With a Folding / Collapsing M4 Stock
Flip Up Front and Rear Sights

I am going to use it as a range weapon and a HD weapon and a hunting weapon with the 6.5 Grendal Conversion Kit

I was wondering what all the other members would get if they had $ 1750 to spend not counting money for ammunition or magazines and spare parts just for the weapon it self. I was wondering if anyone has fired a Robinson Arms XCR with any of these attachments or any other attachments and what your recommendations would be. If anyone has a review of any of the attachments offered for this weapon I would appreciate it. Thanks for your input.
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My first recommendation would be to PM Aussie Arms here and see if he can get you a better deal.

I was able to shoot an XCR with a PWS Muzzle break / flash hider and I have to tell you that it is much nicer than an my A2 flash hider. It would be nice if RA offered those as a factory option.

I have the heavy barrel, but have heard it offers no real advantage over the light. MI flip up sights are nice as a BUIS. I think MI has an improved rear sight now. Again, Aussie can steer you in the right direction there and save you a few bucks.

I went with the standard folding stock, so I'll let other chime in on the options. I know some people just get the M4 folding stock adapter and then add their favorite stock.
BTW, where are you located? It is not unheard of to meet someone near by for a test shoot.
I live in Rockingham County Virginia I would love to fire one before I buy one, I have not even been able to look at one in person. If anyone lives in the area I appreciate it if we could arrange way to have a range day.
You are lucky tac, several shooters in this forum live close to you. Including Roy at Aussie Arms who I highly recommend. PM Roy and see if you can't get up with him. :2cents: >:D :toast:
I guess I stuck my foot in that one... :eek:

I'm in Loudoun... Aussie's not so far either. We can probably work something out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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