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Romney Drops out of presidential race

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Just thought everyone would like to know http://news.aol.com/elections/story/_a/romney-ends-presidential-campaign/20080207105109990001 I can't say it makes me sad though. After living in NH next to the Communist Republic of Massachusetts for my entire life I would have been uncomfortable with the idea of him being president. There is just to much wrong with Mass for one of it's leaders to be president.
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I wonder who Alex will endorse now that Romney is out of the picture.
"If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror," Romney told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.
I'm amazed the guy would make a statement that bluntly...

Well, best of luck to McCain now.
Well, best of luck to McCain now.

With any luck - any luck at all - the conservatives in this country will spit on the name "republican" and REFUSE to vote for mcstain. How much you wanna bet he names 'commie joe' lieberman as his running mate? Birds of a feather....

I doubt anyone could offer me enough money to make me vote for mcstain - that POS. Socialists are socialists, communists are communists, and liberal pukes that have violated their sacred oath of office - worked dilligently to undermine the Constitution - are named McCain.

For what it's worth, the Libertarian party is still deliberating on who their nominee will be. I'm not doin' nuthin' 'til Ron Paul says though.
Bravo, you can't seriously think that we would be better off with Hillary or Obama? McCain is the inly other real choice, it's unfortunate but everyone else is just to far behind to be considered they just won't be able to catch up. Maybe it's just me but I would ratehr take my chances with McCain, the basic idea of a democrat in the oval office while they also control the house/senete just plain make me nervious. I am not trying to bash you so please don't take it that way I am just trying to understand your point and can't sort it out.
I think Romney is the perfect example of someone who tried to be everything to everyone and ended up being nothing to anyone. Its also interesting that republican social conservatives always talk about how much of a big tent party they belong to but go bat shit when someone more moderate them themselves gets the nod. I think we'll see a Mccain Huckaby ticket before too long.
Soon McCain will drop out too and Ron Paul will become the nominee. He will beat Hilary and will become President of the Unite States. ;D
I will say one thing, that's a gutsy move on his part.

If Romney becomes an ardent 2nd amendment supporter and truly changes his spots in the next four years or so on his past liberal lean, I'd say he might have another chance at the Whitehouse.

You never know, after four years of a Democrat in office, the country in the midst of a major recession/depression, the country may turn sharply right and he might have a chance.

You never know.

I'd like to say publicly, this turn of events today and Romney's bluntness in his statement show good faith, now if he can follow this up by fours years of real conservatism. Who knows.

"If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror," Romney told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.
I'm amazed the guy would make a statement that bluntly...

Well, best of luck to McCain now.
I will say that if the country is going to continue in this decline and the ship is sinking, I would rather it be a democrat at the helm...
I'd rather it be a Republican who gives the helm a sharp turn to Starboard!

Remember the move "The Substitutes". There's a scene when the coach tells the quarterback "Winners always want the ball!"

You're military, would you rather be on defense or offense, fighting a rear battle or taking to them, recalled to help control the scene of suicide bombings in a Mall in Tucson or searching out Al Quaida in Iraq?

When Clinton was first elected, I had a friend who knew people in USAF that were detailed to the White House. There was a story that a Colonel was detailed to take Chelsey to school when her secret service was unavailable one day and she refused. The quote was "we don't like the military!" Recent stories from the secret service protective detail following Hillbilly around on the campaign show her attitude towards the military and the secret service hasn't changed. I'll hold my nose and vote any Republican into office over Hillbilly any day.
I feel like storm clouds are brewing out there. It certainly does not help that feeling by having the conservatives at war with McCain. If he does not look for a conservative VP it is going to get ugly. I'm also of the opinion that Lieberman was his first choice for VP. Is it still?

Frankly, we're continuing a slide that Bush has started us on. McCain is simply another Bush. He'll just disappoint in other ways.

The Supreme Court approintments are too important to leave to the Dems. Heller will make that clear soon enough.
Aziator nailed that one on the head. Let's just say for instance this race boils down to mcstain and hitlary. Communist versus rabid anti-constitution socialist. The country will tank.

I want hitlary to be remembered in the same way Hoover was after the crash of '29. I want the next 5 generations to think "I can't POSSIBLY vote for a communist - look at what we're having to dig our way out of after the last one!".

Now is there any difference between hitlary and mcstain? No. Not really, no. Not a dimes worth, and we all know that with our monetary system a dime ain't worth anything.

So yes, I think we'd be MUCH better off with o-spam-a or hitlary. It'll teach the republicrat party that if they prostitute themselves again - allowing people to run on their ticket, people who are adamant against the platform the republicrats CLAIM to stand for - they'll be handily defeated. The republicrats need to understand that.

One mcstain spokesman last night was commenting on the whole Rush Limbaugh thing (and no, I don't listen to Rush, he's a bit too left of my position for my listening enjoyment) and said that after this hoopla, all the republicrats would 'come home' to the party and vote for mcstain. You get that? They're claiming that NO MATTER HOW LOUSY a candidate they put forth, they TAKE FOR GRANTED you'll say "but he's better than XXXXXXX" and vote for him. Well, no thanks. Not for me. If you came home, and your wife confessed to 'hiring herself out' for a c-note or two, would you find comfort in her statement that after the flap you'd come back to her and support her again? SAME THING.

I won't 'come home' to the republicrat party. I can't - my home is gone. Seems some communist with anti-Constitutional tendencies stole it while I was looking the other way.

Either the republicrat is worth voting for or he isn't. I can't possibly sully myself by voting for someone that intentionally undermines the First, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments - and espouses a perverse view of the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. Gee, that means he's solidly 'for' 40% of the Bill of Rights - at least until there's money to be made in selling another Amendment.

Screw mcstain, and the party he rode in with. They deserve defeat at the least, as well as my undying contempt.

Now on Romney - I've said before that if he had a track record I could look back on (besides all the bad he did in Mass) and approve, I'd vote for him. Now he's got 4 years to rack up that record. I do mean this honestly - no sarcasm - I hope he does EXACTLY that: rack up a record any REAL conservative would be proud to endorse. THEN I'd be more than happy to vote for him.

But mcstain? I don't care if he gets Alan Keyes or Ron Paul to run as his VP - I don't trust the scumbag! Not that I figure either one of those two would sully themselves with someone like mcstain.......

FWIW, one of my Patrons did a stint for several years in the secret service - I know the stories. He got fed up with the clintooooons, and now lives in a HQ in Baghdad ;D
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My major concern with either Obama or Hillary would be what type of gun laws that they will implement during a stint in the white house. Do I agree with everything McCain says? No that is why I didn't vote for him, but I feel that extreme gun legislation is a legitimate concern should a democrat be elected. I totally agree with you on some points though Bravo. Our currency is just about worthless, and that concerns me as well. I am one of those people who feels that if we don't learn from history then we are bound to repeat it. So when I look at our economy failing it makes me uncomfortable. Every other country whose economy has failed in the past has plummeted into chaos. Some will refute my statement that the economy is failing, my mother for example said to me the other day that something similar happened in the 80's and we pulled out of it, but then I pointed out that what pulled us out then was dessert storm (it's a sad fact but nothing boosts the economy like a war) well guess what we are already at war and still our economy is declining. So what is going to save it? In my opinion nothing, no matter who gets in the whitehouse we are in for a dark time and if I am right then I would rather vote for a candidate that is less likely to ban the weapons that we may in fact need to survive and protect our loved ones. Well thats my opinion anyway just thought I would share.
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Then look into mcstain further.

He's pushed for regulations on gun shows, voted in the brady bill, and says that 'reasonable restrictions' on firearms are only common sense.

He's not one of us, not by a long, LONG ways. If you think he wouldn't sign the same bill he voted for before, I don't know what to tell you.

Like I said, he's perverse on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments. He's no conservative, and he's no friend of Liberty or the Constitution. The 'law' that bears his name - in my opinion - should be used as evidence in his trial for subversion of the Constitution and treason for undermining the same.
I totally agree with you McCain is no true friend of the second amendment, but at the same time at least he doesn't support a ban on all semi automatic weapons or legislation that would not allow private citizens to lawfully carry firearms.
at the same time at least he doesn't support a ban on all semi automatic weapons
No, just the ones we like. He voted for that before. And magazine restrictions, cosmetic restrictions, etc.
or legislation that would not allow private citizens to lawfully carry firearms.
This much seems to be true TODAY.

Of course, someone who considered running as vice president to John Kerry.........

But in general, he seems content to eviscerate Amendments in the Bill of Rights - not completely 'ban' those rights. He'd probably want to 'allow' you to keep your firearms, as long as they fulfill some 'legitimate sporting purpose' by his definition, and of course they're registered (the other thing he's pushed HARD).
The assault weapons ban sucked, no doubt about that, but lets remeber a ban on all semi automatics would be far worse.
Yeah...... as long as they 'allow' us some little symbolance of so-called 'freedom', that's enough to vote for.

The heck with voting for someone that has a long-standing history of upholding the Constitution......
Ok who is left that has a long term history of upholding the constitution? I can't think of anyone especially anyone who has any chance of winning. Don't get me wrong Bravo I agree with you it sucks that there aren't any decent canidates left. The fact that people vote more for who will do the least amount of damage to the country, instead of who would be a good president is a travisty. All I can say is that I have voted every time since I turned 18 and there hasn't been one canidate that I thought would do a good job, in each case I voted aginst one canidate not for one.
I believe that McCain recieves a "C" from the NRA.

Being military puts me in a different place. I can only vote my piece of mind and that is about it. I can honestly say that if Hillary were prez and wanted to send me to some crazy off the wall place to do some sort of peace keeping mission that I would go and do it, maybe even happily. That is what I signed up for. Sure, I would rather classify her an a "domestic" enemy and defend against her as I said in my oath but unfortunately I can't do that.

Do I want to see any of the front runners in office???? HELL NO. I can only hope for all of them to suddenly not be able to run anymore. That wont happen...I would rather a democrat tank everything so we can take back control of the house.

Yes, the supreme court seats are crucial and I hate the idea of Hillary or obama being able to fill even one of them.

There is only so much one person can do. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that this country is heading down a road that is just a little to narrow to make a U turn on. I will continue to purchase lowers and powder and primers for as long as I can afford it. I will stock up now for the famine that is sure to come. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately that tunnel may be a few years long.
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