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Ron Paul Endorses a Gun Grabber ??? check it out

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1st... I live in MD and Wayne Gilchrest has a questionable track record on the second amendment and endorsed McCain. He is a very liberal Republican and is said to have voted with Peolsi and the democrats more then any other Republican in congress.

Below is from a thread in MD Shooters Forum.... just an FYI for conversation and thought

"I know there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters here so maybe someone can explain why we would endorse a Gun grabbing left wing douche bag like Gilchrest? "

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Maybe I can't read so well, or maybe there's more to it than I found.

I searched the link you included, and the only thing I found was that gilchrest chose to sign on to a bill that Ron Paul had introduced. The bill - sponsored by Ron Paul - would reduce taxes on social security incomes.

Ron Paul gets a LOT of people signing on to his bills. From both sides of the aisle. That doesn't mean that he endorses the other things they do though.
Welcome to real life.

I have always said if you dig deep enough there will be dirt and eventually you will have to boycott everything.
Ah! And now I see the dirt!

Someone on some forum made a quote about a politician, that isn't backed-up by the reference cited.

Yeah, that's dirt!

I think it'd be a whole lot easier to boycott people who can't produce citations for what they post.

It looks as if Wayne Gilchrest is trying to get on the side of a more conservative Republican,
He's an Ahole.

Ron Paul has no chance anyway so it's sad Gilchrest is grabbing at anything to get re-elected.
Ah! Now that makes sense......

So this gilchrest tags on to a true conservative - Ron Paul - to make himself look more conservative. OK, now THAT I understand. That's what I'd got out of the linked material as well.

The way I read your original post - and the way it was taken by Cartmann as well it would seem - was that somehow Ron Paul was helping out a left-winger.

Cartmann, does that constitute dirt on Ron Paul?
It's another Example of Politicians doing whatever they think will get them elected.

I had to fill out my absentee ballot last night because I'm traveling all this week and wont be in town to Vote.

75% of the Candidates have friggin dropped out so what good is this election?

If you went to the Deli and they told you all they had was Bologna or Cheese would you be happy with the limited choices? I want Roast Beef Dammit!! :hopmad:
Not enough have dropped out, McCain and Huckleberry are still in the race.
And to you, Sir, I say AMEN!
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