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Round Count and Patrol Use

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I've had my XCR since early April or so. Currently I'm at approximately 750 rounds.

I've only experienced 2 stoppages in my first 2 mags, 0 since then.

I've taken my XCR on a couple of patrols, off-duty of course since I'm only authorized to carry a M4 as a duty rifle.

Here in SE AZ we are still in the old west. I'm not exsaggerating on that. This area is quite frequented my illegal alien and dope smugglers. You will find signs in National Forest areas stating that as a warning sign.

One area I patrolled w/my XCR is quite favored by dope smugglers and it is the destination point before getting it into vehicles after carrying it over 60 miles. My XCR has the heavy barrel. I chose the HB because that is the general barrel profile of an M4. I wish I had spoken to Alex Robinson before I ordered the HB, I only got to speak w/him after I got it and he pointed out some obvious things that I should have known better.

One was that the XCR barrel is free floated to an issue of a light barrel flexing upon being supported is not an issue otherwise the HB was not necessary. Alex told me that the only reason he came out w/the HB was out of community feedback/pressure. Just b/c the AR's had them people demanded the same of the XCR. I have to agree w/Alex that the HB is not necessary on the XCR as a patrol carbine and there is a 6 oz. difference between the HB and the LW barrels. The HB is as thick as a typical machine gun barrel such as a M240, M60, M249 SAW. The XCR HB is as thick as a donkey's dong which would be needed if you were to use it as a support/suppresive fire MG putting down a continous rate of fire of 200 to 400 rounds per minute for 5 to 10 minutes if not longer. The light barrel is the way to go for the XCR.

As far as weight is concerned, apparently NOW most people can't handle anything that is an ounce more than 6.5 lbs even though most people won't even carry a rifle more than 100 feet from their car. I find my 8 plus pound XCR comparable to that of a M16A2 with a full mag and to which I have more time on humps along w/the M203, M60, M249, and such. The M16 was the lightests. Given a choice to carry the lightest, and to my knowledge, that would be a CAR-15 (old style) with a 11 inch barrel and 20 rd mags that'll put it around 5.5 lbs.

I think a XCR with a light barrel at 14.5" (perm FH in place will put it at 16") will get it close to the M4's weight and within a pound if not just at a pound over it. With all the do-dads people tend to add on M4's now they all are close to 9 pounds now and 9 pounds over all isn't that bad. Bottom line, the XCR is heavier than an M4 but right at the weight of a full size g'vmt AR.

Folks that complain about how one gun is a few ounces heavier that the favored one and that would be unacceptable are the people that only carries their rifles from their vehicle to a shaded shooting bench 25 feet away and spend the next few hours shooting the rifle on a rest and drinking a 44 ounce Big Gulp.

Back to the "patrol". We occasionally check this area out usually to see what we missed but we encounter stuff from time to time and it's nice to be ready. I was showing the area to a friend on the way back from throwing some rounds down range. I typically park about 150 meters away and walk it in. The area is in some thick brush and trees next to a large wash. That particular spot has the loamy type soil that makes it about as quiet as one can to walk on. I do notice the occassional rattle of the bolt catch that has been complained by others, but even in that enviroment by the time a bad guy hears the rattling bolt catch they will be able to tell the colors of your eyes and read the time on your watch. If I were a Ninja, the rattle would concern me, right now it just annoys more than anything else. A quick fix with black electrical tape will help, but not eliminate.

The second time I've taken my XCR on "patrol" was when I went ATV'ing at the Barnett's Ranch. I followed one of the Barnett's up a rocky draw/wash. He only carried a sidearm so I had a bit of a challenge trying to navigate under branches, brush, and hopping over rocks large and small. It was the same as carrying a M16. With more huffing and puffing, kicking over rocks and stepping and brush the rattling was unnoticeable.

That's it for now folks. Please post your experiences.
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I have had my XCR for over a year now and after the break in period it replaced my department issued guns as my go to duty gun. I have over 5 K rounds with it and no problems after the first 300 rounds. As the manual said that break in was 300 rounds, I don't think of this a negative.

The gun has been shot in temps ranging from 10 to 105 F, in thunderstorms, snow, live fire exercises where it was low crawled through the woods, etc. Never a problem with it. I have shot close to 600 rounds in a day with no problems. I have slapped a scope on it and passed sniper quals using cheap, steel cases Hornady practice ammo (light barrel even).

As for those that complain about weight or length, it is a non issue. My current configuration is 14.7 barrel with pinned FH. Comparing it to our department M4's with 14.5 barrel, the guns are within a 1/4 of the same length when the stocks are set to have the same length of pull. Outfitted with the same sling, scope and flip up sights the weights are within 2 ounces. Does the XCR feel heavier, it does. When I hand someone both guns they always think the XCR is heavier, but the scale does not lie.

Overall I love the gun and am very pleased with it. I hope Robinson can keep things rolling and to continue to develop the package.

I hope to purchase an 11 to 12 inch barrel or make my own down the road. I would cut my current barrel but it shoots so nice I want to leave it as is so I can always swap between the two.

For those on the fence, get on and have confidence in it. I have done about everything I can think of with this gun short of purposely abusing it and it has always performed. I have of course shot head to head every day with AR's and one or more always has an issue. I have noticed on more than one occassion that mags that jam an AR will work in the XCR.

Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing the AR. If not for the XCR it is what I would own. They are a good gun, but the XCR is better to me. Give one a try and I think you will agree.

To give a reference, I have shot the HK G36, the sig 55X series in 16 inch, 14.5 and 8 inch barrels, micro galils, AR's and I would take the XCR over all of them, although as well made as the XCR is, the original sigs were freakin' works of art. They had to be the best manufactured weapon of this type that I have every handled.
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I'm running transition quals and I brought out my XCR to shoot during the lunch break (free ammo).

I only ran 90 rounds. I decided to confirm my zero using AE223 55gr FMJ since the half dozen times I had removed and replaced the barrel to see how much had my zero shifted using BUIS. BTW I hate the round front sight post on the Troy BUIS.

Anyways, at 25 yards/meters I benched it on a rolled shooting mat atop of my toolbox cleaning kit shooting prone. It was about 103 and I didn't want to mess around too much. I shot our 100 yeard/meter qual target but drew a circle using a spray can top to draw my circle around it.

I shot my first three (wasn't tight) but they all landed in the circle. Two near the top and one at 9 o'clock (damn bugs). Did some readjusting of 2 clicks right and got a quarter size group at about the 8 o'clock and about 1" from dead center. Dumped the rest of the 30 round mag and knocked the center out about the size of a half dollar.

In my book it held it's zero. I can't recall the ammo I used the first time, I think it was Winchester white box, but I know it was 55gr FMJ as usual.

I decided to do a qual course which consists of shooting 5 rds in 3 of 4 positions; standing, kneeling, sitting, prone. I always decide to do the tough ones during quals. % standing freehand, 5 kneeling, and 5 sitting. I forgot to compensate b/c my XCR is zeroe'd 25 for 250. One went out of target. The remaining 35 rounds are shot at the 50, and 15 yards. Rapid tactical style with a quick mag change. I got 238 out of 250. I usually get 245 to 250 w/my issued M4, but it was my first try w/ my XCR.

Compared to the Acog TA31 or 33 (can't remember which one exactly) that I have on my issued M4, that got out of zero w/o it ever being removed or banged around. It still gets me on target but I thought it interesting compared to removing and reinstalling the XCR barrel didn't really loose it's zero.
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