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SBR Range report

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Took my 11.5" 6.8 out to the range today for the first time. I really didn't know what to expect, I was just anxious to get out and shoot it. It was nice today, hardly no winds and the range wasn't that crowded. I set up a 50 Meters first as that is where I usually zero at. I started with just a few sets of rounds to judge where the gas setting should be. I started at gas setting 4 and after 3 rounds went down immediately to 3. I stayed on 3 for a good while, probably 50 rounds, until deciding to finish the day at setting 2. Even on setting 2 I was throwing brass more than 10 feet.

One of the first things I noticed was the amount of back blast that comes off the PWS brake. After a few shots I thought I was going to singe the hair on my arms. It wasn't that bad and I got used to it quickly. Not sure if the muzzle blast was different standing somewhere else but it was a nice little thump when shooting.

Recoil was amazing...like shooting 5.56. Other than the louder report when firing you would think you were shooting a 5.56 AR. Again, the muzzle blast was there to tell you that the barrel was short but that was it.

After about 10 rounds I fired for accuracy at 50 meters. I was shooting off of a bench using my grip pod as the bipod. I fired a total of 3 groups at 50. Not counting the flyer in each of the first 2 I think it did pretty well. The final group speaks for itself.

I moved out to 100 meters just to play around a little and was plesently suprised. The group was slightly larger than the ones at 50, about 1"-1.5". These results were way better than I expected for an SBR.

I did notice that I was getting a little bit of gas in my face while shooting once the wind started to move a little. I think that the PWS combined with a headwind and Short barrel will leave some gasses in your face. It wasn't bad and only occured during rapid fire drills.

All in all, I am very happy with these results. The rifle functioned perfectly and shot where I asked it to. I didn't detect any degredation in accuracy. I highly recommend an SBR to anyone that doesn't have one.
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Good report. Sounds like shooting a Hakim..... lots of noise and that nice blast of air. Not bad shootin' for a short barrel either. :2cents: ;D
for an assualt rifle with such a short barrel, that's pretty good shooting. you would expect some increase in muzzle blast, but good to hear its not too bad. ;D

you should probably get yourself a suppressor to take care of that muzzle blast ;)

Nice shooting. Can you tell me which brake you are using? Have you tried our brake. It works well and doesn't blast the shooter. There's also a great brake/flash hider from Idaho. They used to call themselves "AK Concepts" or something like that. They make this super brake that guys in Salt Lake have tried and really like.


Alex Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.
alex, he's using a pws brake/compensator/fh. (formerly known as ak-concepts) ;)


I think I'm going to use their 7.62x39 version on my conversion kit.
Alex, the PWS brake is great, really tames the recoil. The blast really isn't that bothersome, just something for others to be aware of. It may be normal but this is my first SBR. No offense meant towards the brake you are supplying but the PWS is way better, at least for me.
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