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The selector slides into Fire really nice and smooth, but when I want to put it on Safe its really really stiff, to say the least... The selector has been this way as long as I can remember.
I have taken off and put on my grip many times, mostly because of the selector. Terra said in another post that 9 times out of 10 this problem is because somethings missing or in the wrong position. I cant seem to find any thing, that could possibly be in the wrong spot. Suggestions, Ideas, Thoughts, Comments, Opinions, Kool Aid????
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Aziator had a post SOMEWHERE here with the trigger diagram and such. :2cents:

UPDATE Aziator posted his trigger drawings. Hope these might help in your delima. ;D
you can take a little hand drill bit and deepen the hole on your pistol grip just a little bit. keep doing it until your safety is nice and smooth. sometimes the hole is just too shallow... especially on custom pistol grips. don't go too far, or your safety will be too loose. just nibble away a little at a time until it's perfect.
Just cut down the $1 spring.. Always fix(mess with) the cheap part.
Great, cutting down the springs what I was thinking... but why dose it go smoothly from one position every time but hard as hell to the other???
OK, I've cut down my spring, going through sever stages...
Cut one loop.
Put every thing together.
I did this 3 times... now my selector slides from Fire to Safe smoothly (just cant get it in full auto yet), almost to smoothly... I wonder if I cut to much... only time will tell, but at least I can put it on safe now!!!
It's all about the amount of spring tension. Sometimes it's tough to get it just right.
Before you go clipping springs (too late) and drilling holes:

a) Make sure you still have the safety detent in place.

Quite often people like to change their pistol grips as often as they change their socks with every type of grip imaginable available these days. When people pull their PG to change them out the detent usually stays in the lower receiver detent hole. Many are not familiar with that little detent that all too often hides in the hole only to fall out when you are not paying attention then notice something isn't right when they put it together and have problems flipping the selector or the selector falls out. The detent along with spring pressure is what holds the selector in place with AR's and the XCR. Having only the spring minus the detent will work and retain the selector switch in place but as you rotate it the spring end will bind up and get mangled.

b) If your detent isn't MIA I recommend putting A LITTLE dab of grease in the slot of the selector switch where the detent goes.Not to the point that grease oozes from around the selector. Just a dab in da dimples.

c) While you are at it check your detent spring because all too often they sorta get mangled at one end. If it is flip it over and make sure the good end is up, or should I say, the good end pressed up against the detent.

See the attached parts diagram of an AR which shows where and what the detent looks like near the bottom of the diagram/pistol grip area. They are identical, but not sure if the AR detent is exactly the same as the XCR. I magine that they are.


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Thanks i303, already checked that, its still there and unmangled but oil dose sound like a good idea... for some reason or another I did not think that the selector would need it...

PS. I would just like to add, I did not install or assemble anything incorrectly....
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