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Short Stroke Modification - Possible On Early XCR?

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I have a very early 5.56 XCR rifle that seems to be all stock - Serial Number in the mid 500s. This is what the Piston system looks like. Is it at all possible to convert this Rifle to the Type 2 'Short Stroke' system, and what components would be needed to do so?
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Not too bad. And this added everything required to change it to the Short Stroke type, right?
His is a long stroke Type 3. Finding Type 2 piston/tappet gas block for an XCR-L might be a trick even from RobArms. Not sure they even offer that configuration anymore. It's not on the current configurator on the site. You'll need to call RA direct or Nate (navalbeaver above) may be able to help you out if you really want short stroke (Type 2 gas system).
Ah I see. Here's hoping Nate has em, or RobArms can still make the parts. I'd be more than willing to pay more for em.
Unfortunately, paying more for individual piece parts doesn't pay for a production run if RA doesn't have them. JFYI, owning all 3 systems, I don't see any real reason to prefer the Type 2 over the 3 (or really the Type 1 for that matter). The Type 2 hasn't proven to be any more accurate for me....but that's anecdotal as you know.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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