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Shot my buddy's M96 for the first time in a while yesterday....

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Man I had forgotten what a nice rifle it is.

Nice trigger. Very nice.
Adjustable gas.
QD barrel
Nice smooth piston system.

We were both shooting the pet handload he's worked up for it into 1.5", through a $200 Bushnell (and I don't know what rings), and the 16" chrome lined 1:9 recon barrel.

The XCR seems to have a couple of nice improvements, like, say... its free floated/monolithic, and has a threaded barrel, and a more reliable mounting system for the barrel, or so it seems thusfar.

Too bad the M96 never really lived up to its potential though.
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Those guns were pretty tough to produce in mass quantities. Each rifle took 2.5-3 hours of welding, not to mention everything else. I wish I'd been around to help make those... They really are very nice. I still get a couple calls a week from people hoping to buy one. :-\
The M96 was/is a nice little carbine. They are not easy to make if you look at it. Guns that require welding are a PITA and take a lot of QC overhead.

The XCR was obviously made with simplicity in mind, but I have always been a fan of the M96.
Terra, Speaking of the M96, I have one that I had a 6mm/.223 (6x45) chamber and barrel made up for. Shoots great, a HELL of a lot better than the "mouse" caliber. Anyway my question. Can you look around to see if you have a 7.62x39 bolt laying around for a M96??? After what I read about the 6mmAR (6mmx39) I am thinking about that chamber for my M96. Trouble is I need an AK size bolt for the 96. Help???? Thanks, Gunner69
I have no idea what's in the M96 inventory, other than spare parts... I'll get back to you on that when Curtis comes in this afternoon.
My friend is making new furniture for his M96... started with a solid block of Cherry, and eventually plans to have a new forearm, stock, and pistol grip...

He brought the forearm to the range yesterday. It is not finished yet, but is on the gun now.. very nice looking:

Note the cooling vents in the top:

Hopefully when its done we can get some pics of his M96 and my XCR side by side.
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Nice Gun....I got to handle one that a local Pawn shop has for sale.

I noticed all the welded joints on the gun so I can see where it is a PITA to mass produce.

It's a shame that the M96 is such a Huge Negative in the History of Robinson Arms and Alex
Robinson. The Internet is full of Haters that can't wait to kick some dirt in the face of Rob Arms.

Also. What was the exit plan on the M96 ? Did Rob Arms announce EOL and have a replacement parts plan to support owners for a specified time period?

I would like to know...
Its a fine rifle; just hard to get spare parts for it now. The one pictured above is running like a champ.
To answer your question, Jack, no, we don't have any of those bolts out there. :( And Curtis quit. So now i'm in the dark. *sigh*
What's that mean Terra?

Did Curtis only work on the M96's?
Curtis was a god when it came to all the guns. :-[
Thanks for trying Terra. With a x39 bolt for my M96, things could have became interesting. ::)
Here is the work so far on the pistol grip. I have not seen it in person, but looks like he's going for more of a target rifle style large grip:

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Just got these pics...

He added some detail work to the forearm:

And here is the rifle with the pistol grip and forearm in place:

I think he is going to be working on a stock next, but that might take a while.
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that is amazing :eek: So beautiful!
I've bought a gun from him in the past with the implicit offer that he will buy it back from me if I ever want to get rid of it (I don't know if he just needed the money, or what)... what I do know is that if he ever offers this one up under the same conditions, I would probably take him up on it.
that looks sweet, its kinda mixing the art work of older hunting rifles with the modern day assault rifle. one of a kind!!!!
Take it from a longtime woodworker and carver: Your friend is quite skilled. Beautiful work. Kudos.

Hey N.Y, Where does this guy live? I have a Charles Daly Little Sharps I would like him to do a stock on. Looks like he does great work. :2cents:
I'm sure he would appreciate the comments guys.

Gunner, he lives near Macon, GA now, I believe. As you can see from the dates on my posts, he's been working on just this stuff for about a year now... not sure how much time he actually puts into it. I.e. I don't know if he would be able to turn them around in a reasonable time/have enough confidence that the work would be perfect if it was someone else's rifle. I've mentioned to him in the past that he might be able to sell a few of them to the right buyers, but he hasn't seemed that interested. But, I will pass along your comment.
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