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Shot the XCR at 200 Yards for First Time

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I would post pics but take my word I did get em all in a 12 inch target and it got better with a few more shots. It was my first time I every shot anything 200 yard and I had to shoot about 2 inches over center POI. My Trijicon ACOG TA31F was a great help. I used S&B 55gn FMJ ammo. I will try other ammo to see if this helps too. Shooting a few more times will help as well. Then on to 300yds!!! ::)
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Do you mean that POI with the 200yd stadia on the TA31F was too low or that the red chevron had to be held above POI? I have the same ACOG and you're supposed to be able to use the stadia for the various ranges out to 400-600 yds (I'm on a business trip and don't have my scope handy to check).
I had to aim about 2" above the target (which doesn't translate to much on the BAC Chevron) from the ACOG zeroed at 100 yds.
Oops, I just checked the Trijicon site since I'm on the road and don't have my ACOG manual with me. The first horizontal line below the chevron is marked 400 meters. I don't remember what the bottom of the chevron was supposed to be. I was thinking the bottom of the chevron (corresponding to the top of the vertical line) was 300 and 200 was around the thickness of the chevron below the tip of the inverted Vee.

Do you happen to remember about where on the chevron you were holding for 200 yds?
That is corret... the top most point on the underside of the chevron is the 200 yard hold, and the top of the vertical line is 300. Then 400 is marked of course.
Thanks, I'm stuck out here in LaLaLand for three weeks before I can get back to the range and my next step will be to finish the break in process and then bench it to zero the ACOG.
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