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Shot the XCR till it was crying.

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1k rounds not a single misfire . We hammered it and the Bushy all day ,it was like they were brothers. In my XCR i fired cheap stuff ,wolf stuff ,and reloads . People liked the ,Troy sights better than the Eotech 552. the Bushy has a CQT ,it seems to be a better sight for long range .Question , Terra . Upon cleaning the XCR i noticed the pin on the Bolt release was bent up a tiny bit ,nothing a leatherman tool couldn't correct .What did i do ? I didn't slam in a mag ,i didn't put in a mag without the bolt open . I am thinking on the reloads i may need to seat my bullets deeper ? is it possible they are to long and one of them caught on this pin ? It never kept the gun from working great but i know the pin shouldn't be bent.
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Do you have a pic of the problem pin so we can see what you are talking about please?
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